Faithful Joseph ... Godly Aaron ... Brave David ... Selfless Barnabas ... Diligent Timothy ... Pastor @JackLeaman ... "2nd men" / 1st class!

@Attic_Rat @terryshock @melanishock I may need to get me some Nolan's Cheddar. :-) Quite the workout routine - you're a pretty "cagey" Rat!

REAL isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you." "Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit. "Sometimes." >

< "Generally, by the time u r REAL, most of your hair has been loved off & your eyes drop out & you get loose in the joints & very shabby. >

< But these things don't matter at all, because once u r REAL u can't be ugly, except 2 people who don't understand.” ~ The Velveteen Rabbit

CONGRATS to Chaplain Mark Hattabaugh (@HappyHattabaugh), named Volunteer of the Year by the Miramar Police Department!

Having a @MasterCard in your wallet when the entire Canadian @Visa system goes down nationwide? Priceless. :-) #Monday

FLORENCE STICKLES. She taught me in "Junior Church" and I'll never forget "Tommy Tumbler." She entered Heaven today in her 101st year. HOME.

"U cannot C faith, but U can C the footprints of the faithful." ~ Dennis Anderson / Remembering Florence Stickles today

Happy Birthday to @GMangun ... @CCC_Fredericton is PUMPED that you are going to be preaching at @youth_xplosion in February ... appreciate you!

Both my pastor & the late Tim Horton share a January 12th birthday, but all Tim Hortons ever gave me was good coffee. :-) #ThankGod4MyPastor

Happy Birthday @AnthonyMangun! Pastor. Preacher. Leader. Prayer Warrior. Soul Winner. CHRISTIAN. Thankful today for the impact of your life!

Tendency toward narcissism in students is up 30 percent. ~ from "We Are Raising A Generation Of Deluded Narcissists" //

Starting 5-part series called "The Tipping Point" this Sunday @CCC_Fredericton, based on James 3:5

Read John Bevere's novel "Rescued" ( on the plane this week. Thanks to Steve & Sherie O'Donnell 4 the recommendation. >

< Not perfect theologically 2B sure, but worth reading just 4 the haunting scene of Judgment Day 4 "Christians" who thought they were saved.

MURRELL EWING. 2 years today. Seems like yesterday, and like an eternity. Heaven will be so wonderful. Never forgotten.

Happy 60th Anniversary to @TFTenney and @ThetusTenney! How can two people who act so young have been married so long? :-) We love you both!

"If you were born before 1973 (in your 40's), you are an 'immigrant' in our current culture, whether you want to be or not." ~ Leonard Sweet

If you tell people you're at Timmy's and it's not followed by the question "Timmy who?" ... you might be a Canadian! :-)

Happy Birthday to @ThetusTenney! Your voice and vision inspired an entire generation. We arise to call you blessed! We love you & @TFTenney!

"We're in a TGIF culture - Twitter, Google, iPhone & Facebook - and this 24/7 information onslaught literally recalibrates brain synapses. >

< Human contact is reduced to acronyms, misspelled words, emoticons, missing punctuation, and mindless replies to meaningless revelations. >

< Praying alone in a quiet room is now most people's idea of torture ... so being connected 24/7 is certainly a two-edged sword." ~ Len Sweet

Happy Birthday to Bishop @TFTenney! You're the youngest elder I know - thanks 4 staying connected 2 my generation. We love you! (Psa. 145:4)

"My wife was the only one in customer service who did not get shot." ~ @jimmytoney, December 5, 2007 ( #5years #Psalm91

Happy 20th Birthday to the TEXT MESSAGE. First text sent on Dec. 3, 1992 said "Merry Christmas." 8.6 Trillion texts sent annually worldwide.

Happy Anniversary to @timgaddy & @stacygaddy! Cabot, Arkansas is blessed because your life together turned into a church planting adventure!

Happy Anniversary to @jadowns & Melanie Downs! Blessed by your friendship. Look forward 2 conference in Queanbeyan!

CNN article: Dunkin' Donuts loses bid to call its coffee 'best' ( Well, duh. :-) @TimHortons = 8/10 cups sold in Canada

Blame @JerryLDean :-) "U can beat up the devil, make him black & blue, when the Holy Ghost takes the chicken out of U."

Enjoying "Murrell Ewing: The Complete Collection" in my office today. Timeless. A true gentleman & a singer's Singer. /

Like father, like daughter - the anointed @VonnieLopez - "The Name of Jesus" / YouTube: / iTunes:

THE RACE: "If everything is under control, you are going too slow." ~ Mario Andretti, first driver to win auto races in 5 different decades

We average 3 years sitting on them ... 2.5 billion people don't have access to one ... Today is World Toilet Day. Counted your blessings lately?

Via @mackenziejustin & @danmacleod: Josh texted us 'I want to go swimming.' Baptized him tonight.

From Church Planters @mackenziejustin & @danmacleod: "Lyndsey from One Church Halifax received the Holy Ghost tonight!

KENNETH HANEY. Grandparents received Holy Ghost at Azusa Street. Promoted to Heaven one year ago. We miss you, Bishop.

Beverley's mom, Carlotta Flowers, went Home 3 years ago today. Precious lady.

History made in Fredericton - not only first Tim Hortons, but first coffee ever 4 @revcgrobinette - first word "Wow!"

Registration for BECAUSE OF THE TIMES 2013 opens in one hour at / Theme for 2013: "HEAR THE VOICE" / @POABOTT @POAlex

Via @jackleaman: Praying for nations at Missions Conference with @RevCGRobinette. As we sow globally, we reap locally!

RT @jackleaman: "@CCC_Fredericton is celebrating 15 filled with the Holy Ghost this morning! Apostolic Outpouring with @RevCGRobinette!”

Do you feel anxious when your cellphone isn't nearby? Then you may suffer from "NOMOPHOBIA" - the fear of being without a working cellphone.

We're excited about having @RevCGRobinette with us @CCC_Fredericton for World Missions Conference! // Fri & Sat at 7 PM, Sun at 11 AM & 7 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @bruceahowell / "Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show people who have the most live the longest." ~ Larry Lorenzoni

CONGRATS to dear friends Robert & Barbara Foster who celebrated 60 years of marriage and 60 years of ministry today in Geary, New Brunswick.

RT @ERHennessey: "Friend Day 2012:” / Thanks to @MichaelEnsey for a great message, and to the CCC team for a great day!

Tomorrow is FRIEND DAY at @CCC_Fredericton w/ guest speaker @MichaelEnsey. Pastor @JackLeaman & our team have prepared for an exciting day!

Happy Birthday to @TerryShock! Your voice, your vision & your values continue to impact an entire generation of ministers. Thankful for you!

Happy 60th Birthday to @jerryjjones! // "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years." ~ Lincoln

Happy 21st Birthday to @IAmMattWoodward from Dad // A son outgrows your lap, but never your heart.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Luke & Amy Levine! Great evangelists are a huge blessing to our churches. Thankful for you!

CONGRATS to my Aussie mate Jonathan Downs (@jadowns) on his unanimous election as pastor of Calvary Chapel in Canberra!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @JackLeaman ... great leader, pastor and friend ... and the REAL reason we say "Jack of All Trades" :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to church planter @JimmyToney! You and your team are HEROES. "Some plant ... and God gives the increase!"

Via @timgaddy @jimmytoney ... Friends. // "Faith is happy not knowing WHERE it's going if it knows WHO it's going with."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Missionary Steve Willoughby! "And with his stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5)

"Cities are a big deal to God." Metro Missions. Sharp Slogan. Great Graphics. Wow Factor by @faithworksimage at #GC2012

Brand New! "The Gravel Road to Heaven" by @clloydmitchell ... # 4 today on Amazon's Best Sellers List for Devotionals ...

FLYING: If you were to take a flight every day, for you statistically to be in a fatal aircraft accident, you'd have to live 35,000 years. >

< No other mode of transport comes close in terms of success. Flying is statistically safer than riding an escalator! (MIT) @BeverleyWoodwrd

Happy 28th Anniversary to @JimPoitrasGATS & @lrpoitras! The journey of your life and ministry together inspires us all!

I don't usually post 'political' tweets ... but wow, this was thought-provoking ... "Imagine If Obama Was George W. Bush" >

< "Never have I witnessed the media attack a president as it did George W. Bush & protect a president as it has Barack Obama." ~ Paul Kengor

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rev. John Downs, Bishop of UPC of Australia! "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." (Ph 1:3) @suedowns53 @jadowns

"Kraft Dinner" is Canada's National Dish? What about POUTINE? (look it up, it's delicious) And what about TIM HORTONS?

"There Is No 'I' in Team ... Well, Unless Apple Gets Ahold of It" ~ chapter title in book "Jesus Never Said To Plant Churches" by T. Jordan

I heard that deputation could be especially challenging in North Carolina! :-) Are these Cooney's Angels? @cooneyisms

Apostolic Authors ... 2 great J.T. Pugh compilations ... The Battered Stake ( The Pull of the Future (

Apostolic Authors ... Recent book 'You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for your Mama!' by @CarltonLCoonSr - available on Kindle:

Apostolic Authors ... New book 'Seasons of Sundays' by Bishop @TFTenney is now available. You can order at his website:

Apostolic Authors ... New book 'The Gravel Road To Heaven' by @clloydmitchell available Oct. 1 on Amazon. Trailer here:

Via @DarrellJohns: @AtlantaWestPC Choir at "How Sweet The Sound" / / People's Choice & Best Regional Choir // CONGRATS!

Dear @kwelliott, @crystalelliott & @jimmytoney ... Rumor has it that @JerronCarney got a new shuttle for the NOLA run.

CONGRATS to @AtlantaWestPC choir for winning People's Choice & Best Regional Choir in HOW SWEET THE SOUND competition!

PROPHELYING: opinion hidden in a 'word' / ACCUSIGIZING: accusation hidden in an 'apology' / CONFROMENT: zinger hidden in a 'compliment' :-)

Last tweet sounds like it should have come from my friends @BunchandBreeze :-) ... it was inspired by the book "Pharisectomy" by Peter Haas.

Small Group Video Series - @CCC_Fredericton / LifeGrid, 5pt ( / God's School of Hard Knocks, 5pt (

Thankful 4 Eric Porter (@porterview) whose creativity helps churches worldwide. Happy 7th Anniversary, Eric & Annette!

Happy 39th Anniversary (Sept 7) to our friends David & Debbie Curtis! So excited about your work in Guangzhou, China!

"They asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote ‘happy.’ They said I didn’t get the question. I said they didn’t get life." ~ Lennon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @MickeyMangun! Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Musician and MINSTREL. Leader and LADY. Warrior and WORSHIPPER. We love you MUCH!

Happy Birthday to @kwelliott! If visionary ideas were years, you would be an OLD man! Honored by your friendship; impacted by your ministry.

I remember @JerryLDean preaching “The Crushing Weight of Eternity” right where Romney stood in Tampa last night. / Some sermons are forever.

GRATEFUL for Pastor @JackLeaman & Kathy. They've served @CCC_Fredericton w/ distinction for 10 years, & beside Beverley & me for 20 years. >

< August 29th is Pastor @JackLeaman & Kathy's 20th wedding anniversary. CCC is blessed by their leadership and we love Kristin & Justin too!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Jack & Kathy Leaman! Great Christians, great couple, great leaders. Blessed 2 work with Pastor @jackleaman at CCC.

No doubt up to mischief elsewhere at the time :-) @DougMorgan1969 @ahodges3 @darinsargent Everybody loves Bro. Sargent!

Lunch at Duke's in Huntington Beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Great food and fellowship with @AHodges3 and team.

"Without Faith it is impossible to please God." ~ opening line of letter from Doyle Spears, asking Bro. McFarland 2 marry his daughter Faith

Now I lay me down to sleep; The sermon's long, the subject's deep. If he should quit before I wake I ask someone, "Give me a shake." :-)

Powerful message to the families in our church family from Pastor @jackleaman - "Remember Lot's Wife." // Thankful for a pastor's heartbeat!

Thinking about Steve Willoughby today, and missing Barb. This was her favorite song, sung around her bed the last night she spent on earth:

(1/3) Whom have I in Heaven, But You? There is nothing on earth I desire, Beside You.
(2/3) My heart and my strength, So many times they fail, But there is one truth, That always will prevail.
(3/3) God is the strength of my heart, God is the strength of my heart, God is the strength of my heart& my portion forever. (repeat)

That song is from Psalm 73:25-26 ... and verse 24 says "Thou shalt guide me with Thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory." What a hope!

INTERNET 2002: 569 Million users, 9.1% of world population. 46 minutes/day average use. 3 million websites. 12.5 minutes to download song. >

VS. INTERNET 2012: 2.27 Billion users, 33% of world population. 4 hours/day average use. 555 million websites. 16 seconds to download song.

Thanks 2 my early morning airport shuttle Pastor @jackleaman, who PREACHED last night at @CCC_Fredericton. Honored 2 serve on the same team!

Happy 60th Birthday 2 Pastor @JerryLDean, a man cool enough 2 wear a Cuff of Many Colors! :-) // Thanks @RyanAustinDean

Happy 40th Anniversary 2 missionaries Allan & Georgene Shalm! "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." (Ph 1:3)

Happy Birthday to my friend @PastorTimLee! You are a great example of a Servant Leader, in serving Bishop Willoughby & @TabJoy. We love you!

Capital Community Church (@CCC_Fredericton) now has a weekly video podcast, available in the iTunes store. // // Enjoy!

RT @IAmMattWoodward: "I've fought a good fight & finished my course. Henceforth is laid up 4 me a feast." // 75km SFC bike ride - well done!

Blessed by @CCC_Fredericton webcast today. Great preaching by @jackleaman & @MikeHennessey1; great leadership by @IAmMattWoodward. #Thankful

A lady at CCC doubted her Holy Ghost baptism, until a missionary from Pakistan walked by and heard her speaking perfect Urdu on the weekend!

I wish we had a Chick-Fil-A in Fredericton, NB - I know where I would be eating! // Today's motto is: "EAT MOR CHIKIN"

TODAY IS CHICK-FIL-A DAY! "Thank the Lord, we can operate on biblical principles." ~ CEO Dan Cathy

CHICK-FIL-A DAY RECAP: "45 photos of insanely long lines for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" // // Overwhelming response!

CHICK-FIL-A DAY RECAP: From @RickWarren - "@DanCathy just called me. #ChickFilA already set a world record today, w/7 hrs to go in the West”

RT @AnthonyMangun: "Your pastor believes in traditional marriage & will have fresh bread 4 U this Sunday @ CHURCH-FIL-A” / Amen, Pastor! :-)

Happy 29th Birthday to our awesome son-in-law @ryanhennessey! Beverley & I are so thankful that you and Emily put God and His Kingdom FIRST!

Via @brandonshanks: MK Retreat at Pentecostals of Apopka / / "MK Retreat always feels like I've come home" ~ MK @Chvana

Look who showed up at MK Retreat in Apopka - the Chick-fil-A cow! With the greatest team ever - Mark, Cylinda & Carla!

“@CarlaEBurton: The 'new' @" / With media blasting Chick-fil-A right now, I'm actually proud of that

“@TFTenney: Just left Chick-fil-A. Standing room only, business is great. 'You meant it for evil, God meant it for good' prevails!" // AMEN!

They bashed the Boy Scouts & I didn't speak up b/c I wasn't a teen. Then they attacked Marriott & I didn't speak up b/c I wasn't a Mormon. >

< They bashed Hobby Lobby & I didn't speak up b/c I didn't sew. Then they attacked Chick-fil-A & I didn't speak up b/c I wasn't a Baptist. >

< Then they attacked the Pentecostals and by that time no one was left to speak up for me. (with thanks to Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoller)

Via @tommysparker: Christian comedian Tim Hawkins sings 4 Cathy family, CEO of Chick-fil-A (1) (2)

Miracle Inside Aurora Shooting // "It's just like God to plan the route of a bullet 22 years before Batman ever rises."

VIOLENCE IN MEDIA: A disturbing quote from Aurora, CO movie theatre massacre: "We thought it was part of the movie." (Salina Jordan, age 19)

Unintentionally profound quote from 911 recording, 14 min. into the Aurora movie theatre massacre: "I need somebody to shut this movie off."

The true power of mass media is the power to REDEFINE NORMAL. The violent world of the media becomes, over time, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The harmful behavior we see glamorized on movie, TV and computer screens conveys not only what is ACCEPTED, but eventually what is EXPECTED.

If it is in your mind, it WILL impact your behavior! / Prov. 4:23 (NLT) Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.

"We have 25 cents - and all the promises of God." ~ Missionary Hudson Taylor, letter 2 his wife during low time in China (via @pastortimlee)

Happy Birthday to Rev. Lee Stoneking, 72 years young today! His obituary should have read "Jul 19, 1940 - Nov 12, 2003" ... BUT GOD! #Miracle

Rev. Lee Stoneking is ministering at @CCC_Fredericton next weekend July 27-29 // Fri & Sat @ 7:00 // Sun @ 11:00 & 6:00

This will be an emotional moment! "Innocent man imprisoned for 27 years free to sing national anthem at game tonight" /

Happy First Anniversary to Matthew (@IAmMattWoodward) & Katricia Woodward! Beverley & I are blessed to have kids who put God & church FIRST!

“@MelindaKeays: Saw this and thought of @” / That looks like something I need - where can I get one? :-)

29 years ago today I married the beautiful @BeverleyWoodwrd. I'm blessed to have a wife who loves the Lord, loves me, and knows how to PRAY!

First conscious anniversary memory today: "We overslept! Gotta get to the airport!" :-) Headed to Sterling, AK for Alaska/Yukon Campmeeting.

Air Canada came through again with upgrade to Executive First, my office in the sky :-) Flying across Canada today, then even further north!

Thank you to my Twitter friends for the birthday greetings! That I get to be linked with many of YOU in ministry is the honor of a lifetime.

50 years ago today, after more than 2 days in labor, my heroic little mum brought her 'miracle' firstborn son into this world at 10:23 AM. >

< A long story, but I should have had severe developmental issues. Thank God for praying parents! Proud to be Raymond & Vera Woodward's son.

“@melanishock: Happy 50th Birthday! The age where one can say what one thinks & get away with it. It's your Year of Jubilee.” // I claim it!

Working at Fredericton Public Library today. Free wifi, quiet, and a window overlooking the scenic Saint John River :-)

REAL SIGN: Town of Nothing, Arizona. Est 1977. Our staunch citizens had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing.

FASCINATING FACT: The two largest cities in the United States - New York City and Los Angeles - no longer have country music radio stations.

"I think the only place there should be boring churches is in Boring, Oregon ... where there are actually 25 Boring churches." ~ Tony Morgan

Since Beverley and I both hit the "Big 5-0" in June, the wonderful folks of @CCC_Fredericton presented us each with a birthday cake today. >

< In keeping with her healthy ways, Beverley's cake reflected a vegetable theme - yeah, really! >

< My cake, of course, had a Tim Hortons theme - and even real steam, courtesy of @MMMonkeycakes. >

< One of us is a LOT younger than the other, so I still have 2 weeks left in my 40s. :-) Thanks to a great church for making great memories!

June is the 10th Pastoral Anniversary for Jack & Kathy Leaman at CCC. Working w/ @jackleaman has been the greatest privilege of my ministry.

LIFE'S LITTLE TRADE-OFFS ... Montreal = least favorite airport ... Tim Hortons = most favorite coffee ... Let's just call it even, shall we?

Happy 39th Anniversary to @JerryLDean & @MsGDean. Love you folks & your family! How can 2 young'uns like y'all have been married that long?!

This will no doubt be hilariously funny to some of my friends in the southern US. Well, Y'ALL have a good laugh, EH?!

My doctor just figured out what's wrong with me :-) "Behind every great man stands ... a substantial amount of coffee."

Lunch today on the Royal Yacht Britannia ... fresh scones, Earl Grey tea, & classical music on a white baby grand. Fit for a King's Kid. :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Beverley (@BeverleyWoodwrd) from across the Pond / "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be!" ~ Robert Browning

Thanks to CCC's administrative genius Eric Porter (@porterview) my revamped website is live with sermon resources, etc.

CHAOS [KEY-os] 1. a state of utter confusion or disorder. 2. a total lack of organization or order. 3. check-in and security at STL airport.

FOX NEWS: "latest of 100+ churches built at lightning speed through the UPCI's 'Church in a Day' program" / / CONGRATS!

Best quote from Fox News article on CHURCH IN A DAY program in Perry, Iowa ... "And on the second day, they rested." :-)

Hope I can be as hip(hop) as Rapper/Bishop @TFTenney when I grow up. :-) / The coolest Elder I know! Love you, Bishop!

Free upgrade at Budget today, but judging by the car, I think they took one look at me and thought "Midlife Crisis" :-)

Departure to STL delayed 2 hours out of YYZ due to nose wheel problem ... Pilot said we would've been fine to fly, just not to ever land :-)

Back in my "office" at Toronto Airport this morning. :-) Headed to St. Louis for Executive Board meeting later today.

Saw this diaper bag in a Christian bookstore today. I think the reference might be taken just a bit out of context. :-)

Happy Memorial Day to my friends in USA! "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America." ~ Clinton

Thankful 4 church planters @mackenziejustin, @danmacleod. Congrats 2 Dave who received HG today. The outpouring begins!

"Affairs happen with lightning speed on Facebook." ~ Krafsky / More than 1/3 of last year's divorce filings mention it.

Thank you Wendy's, for your "Poutition" to make Poutine the national dish of Canada. ( Never tried it? You need to! :-)

Congrats to @danmacleod on 5 years living for God! "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature!" OLD = gone away. NEW = here to stay! :-)

Listening to Lee Stoneking preach LIVE at Touch The Future 2012 on HGR App ( Great use of Internet technology. Kudos!

38 years ago today, @BeverleyWoodwrd received the Holy Ghost at Ontario Youth Convention preached by Marvin Treece. We're getting up there!

Happy 70th birthday to my precious, godly mother Vera Woodward. She has prayed every day for me since before I knew it.

Happy 40th to @AnthonyMangun and @mickeymangun! Two hearts that beat as one, to the rhythm of revival. We love you!

Vintage Night @CCC_Revolution - Thankful for youth who want to honor their elders, and to Rev. Robert & Barbara Foster.

Happy Anniversary to @clloydmitchell & CCC! Sixteen years of bringing them in, growing them up & sending them out ... all to the glory of God!

Happy 27th Anniversary 2 @terryshock & @melanishock / "A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short." ~ Andre Maurois

Happy 4th Anniversary to @ryanhennessey & @ERHennessey! Our kids, who love God, church and family, are a great blessing to Beverley and me.

Sanctified PROUD of youth pastors @MikeHennessey1 & @IAmMattWoodward - teaching youth to love heritage! Vintage CCC

Sanctified PROUD of church planters @mackenziejustin & @danmacleod - One Church impacting Halifax!

I think my daughter @ERHennessey wants to make me homesick for Tim Hortons coffee. :-) This is why I don't drink decaf.

Welcome to Twitter, @PentecostHerald and Editor @SimeonLYoung! Thanks for monthly challenge, inspiration information.

Rev. Don Johnson, who wrote "I Can't Complain," moved to a home that's "Already Paid For" today.

James G. Lumpkin - legendary leader, precious pastor, devoted dad. Thanks for sharing, @mickeymangun - we miss him too!

Got to hang out with @jackleaman on 2 recent trips. Joshua, Jonathan, Jack ... Hmm. Leader's Second Man = Leader's First Blessing. #grateful

Happy 48th birthday to Brad Thompson (@bradethompson), missionary to Guatemala! With him the GATS curriculum committee in St. Louis today.

Congrats to church planters @mackenziejustin @danmacleod. Two years ago, the journey began ... God grew you, so you could grow His church!

On the agenda today ... Fredericton - Toronto - Hong Kong - Bangkok - Lahore ... may take a few hours; actually, may take until tomorrow :-)

Thanks to Air Canada for upgrade to Executive First cabin. That makes a 15-hour flight in a pressurized metal tube seem almost pleasant! :-)

Today @CCC_Fredericton had the honor of celebrating the 80th birthday of dear friend and pioneer preacher John D. Mean.

John D. Mean tells of God's intervention in the early years of the church in Fredericton ( Today is his 80th birthday.

Congratulations to Tim Zuniga & Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church on dedication of their new building! (via @AHodges3)

Four church volunteers received the Holy Ghost tonight at Leadership Summit! Capital Community Church in Ashburn, VA; Pastor @clloydmitchell

Amazing service last night at @POAlex. Pastors @AnthonyMangun & @terryshock hosted Rick Santorum with Christian class & Apostolic anointing.

Met new friends Ruben & Iulia Nechifor from Romania at @CCC_Fredericton Bible Study last night - came 2 Canada looking 4 Pentecostal church!

Happy Birthday to church planter @mackenziejustin! You have a few more years on you than One Church. Proud of you both!

“@JimPoitrasGATS: Original sign from time of 1945 merger. After 67 years, still committed to take gospel to the world!

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Bishop G.A. Mangun! "He offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice and by it he being dead yet speaketh" (He 11:4)

"These stones shall be a memorial ... forever" (Josh. 4:7)

24 years ago today, Beverley I welcomed our little princess into our hearts forever - Emily Rae.

Just wept worshipped our way through the Delisa Cox memorial service. Thanks 2 @POAlex for letting us join the Louisiana family tonight. >

< It helped to "weep with them that weep" (Ro 12:15) - glad that "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning" (Ps 30:5) >

< The tributes of @AnthonyMangun, @terryshock, @mickeymangun, @TFTenney and others were like finely woven threads in a beautiful tapestry. >

< The gift of hospitality that so uniquely belonged to Delisa Cox warmly welcomed us into the sanctuary tonight with "love, hugs smiles" >

< Praying for Kevin Cox family - "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms" (De 33:27)

CHECKMATE? Wait! The King has one more move! // Powerful final word from Pastor @AnthonyMangun at Delisa Cox memorial.

“@terryshock: The Cox family will need our daily prayers for a very long time.” / Classy tribute. Classy lady. Praying!

“@jimmytoney: Happy Birthday @CorttChavis. A true man of God to this generation.” // "Anointed of God, sweet psalmist of Israel." 2 Sam 23:1

Praying for Cox family. // CANCER IS SO LIMITED. It can't cripple love, can't shatter hope, can't corrode faith, can't destroy confidence. >

< It can't kill friendship. It can't shut out memories. It can't silence courage. It can't invade the soul. It can't reduce eternal life. >

< It can't quench the Spirit. It can't lessen the power of the Resurrection. // Delisa Cox (1961-2012). w/ Jesus. HOME.

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln // I have fought a good fight. ~ Paul

ETERNITY: Many of our most painful ordeals will look quite different a million years from now, when we recall them in Heaven. ~ Randy Alcorn

When they said "compact car" at rental place, they weren't kidding! Fiat 500 is perfect size if you're a preschooler. >

< Chauffeur some General Board members that same Fiat becomes an ADVENTURE! Still laughing after we crawled out ... :-)

New state-of-the-art recording studio at World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, MO - see videos at

New iPad expected to be debuted by Apple today. Start now ... "It's a NEED, not a WANT. It's a NEED, not a WANT. It's a NEED, not a WANT." :-)

DELISA COX. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." (Ps 116:15) / Praying for Bro. Kevin Cox family in their loss.

"And with your final heartbeat, Kiss the world goodbye, Then go in peace laugh on Glory's side, and fly to Jesus ... and live!" ~ Chris Rice

"Some day you will read in the papers that D.L. Moody is dead. Don't believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than ever. >

< I shall have gone up higher, that is all, out of this old clay tenement into a house that is immortal, a body death cannot touch." ~ Moody

Will U be known as one who accumulated treasures on earth U couldn't keep? Or one who invested treasures in heaven U couldn't lose? ~ Alcorn

“@tylerwalea: A tribute to Delisa Cox:” / A profound, poignant tribute to a genuine, godly lady. Thank you, Tyler! ~ RW

Happy Birthday Vesta Mangun, First Lady of Pentecost “@AnthonyMangun: 86 years ago Heaven started hearing her voice, Hell started trembling”

“@dkbernard: New friends Jamie Sarah. Tonight I got the privilege of baptizing them in hotel pool!” // Exciting, Bro!

Congrats on 25 years! @AnthonyMangun @mickeymangun @terryshock @melanishock Thanks for modeling ministry, teamwork, submission succession.

Powerful meeting of @CCC_Fredericton Children's Ministry staff today, with @terryshock video "A Teacher Sent From God." A must-watch sermon!

Must be getting old and sentimental - or just jet lagged. :-) Had this song by Howard Goodman on my mind all afternoon.

“@NickMahaney: @ WOW! It really is better than Starbucks!” Another one wakes up to smell the coffee! :-)

“@davidkbernard: In Hawaii w/wife. Wed-Thu off. Fri-Sat Conf. Sun preach. Somebody has to do it." // Favorite @davidkbernard Tweet ever. :-)

Happy Birthday @melanishock! Take today off with @terryshock - we've hired a body double to take your place at POA. :-)

Always thrilled to give MKM report to the Global Missions Board. What a team! @HappyHattabaugh @cylindanickel @CarlaEBurton What a ministry!

The Ottawa Citizen weighs in on the subject that every Canadian has an opinion on - the new Tim Hortons cup sizes! :-)

Proud of GYD leaders for getting it right - saw some Tim Hortons on the head table last night! :-) http://

“@SailorATO: @raymondwoodward Just 'cause you are such a big Timmies fan - Hr9HCjVF” / Love it! A true Canadian institution. :-)

“@SailorATO: Cause you are such a big Timmies fan:” // The Tim Hortons Cup Size Saga continues :-)


It's inhumane to force people with a medical need for coffee to wait behind those who see it as some kind of recreational activity (D.Barry)


This never fails to make me laugh either. @BunchandBreeze are the best awesomizers, revivalizers & enthusasizers I know…


Received via several people today: // Funny and profound! :-)


Sermons I Want To Preach: Face the Book, Deliver Us From Me-Ville, This is NOT That, Preventing Truth Decay, Sacred Cows Make Good Hamburger

@danmacleod "WANT to preach" is different than "WILL preach" :-) Book I want to write: "When Pastors Fantasize" :-) It would be a bestseller


You may have seen this circulating on the West Coast today, but just in case U missed it: "DC Earthquake Devastation"


TWITTER-VERSE :-) Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:


Real sign outside Canadian country church.

Real Canadian airport sign.


CBC Radio is announcing the recipient of "Canada's Worst Driver" award. I'm convinced I've met this person several times in Fredericton. :-)


One pastor told me, "I'm going through hell." I said, "Keep on going or you'll get burned!" ~ @TFTenney (TBN interview w/ Jentezen Franklin)

Couples don't fall out of LOVE, they fall out of FORGIVENESS. // Advice to married men: keep mouth shut & wallet open! ~ @TFTenney interview

Jentezen Franklin interviews Bishop @TFTenney on TBN's Praise the Lord program. Free podcast (air date 11/29/11) here:…


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