RT @jimmytoney: "I see an auditorium with a balcony. This is our balcony until we get one.” / LOVE THAT VISION & FAITH!

RT @Attic_Rat: They also that seek after my life lay snares for me (Ps 38:12) #EatThisBook #RatInTheWord // Touché, AR!

RT @jadowns: "The UPC of Australia has grown at an average rate of 7% since the year 2000! Slow and steady ... but in the right direction!”

RT @youth_xplosion: "In the past 10 years at YX, 150 received the Holy Ghost, 25 baptized in Jesus name!" // Feb. 15-17

RT @RevKenGurley: "'If I have to tell you what to do, you're the wrong person for the job.' - EL Holley's advice to me when I assisted him."

RT @glennmassey: Prophetic word of the Lord delivered at 2013 Inauguration Prayer Breakfast! A must see! // WOW! AMEN!

RT @montrealprice: My grandmother Florence Stickles is home today at the age of 101. // Impacted by her life! Praying.

RT @danmacleod: @AnthonyMangun won 2 souls named John - one a Golf Champion; one homeless, baptized last night! #BOTT13

RT @terryshock: "Acts 6:4 would be a great 2013 resolution ... But we will give ourselves continually to prayer & to the ministry of the word”

RT @terryshock: Jeff Mallory challenged me 2 read Ezekiel 34 in relation 2 reaching backsliders. I pass the challenge to you!” // Impacting!

RT @danmacleod: "We baptized Jill in the name of Jesus Christ tonight!” // Church Planters = Spiritual First Responders

RT @PastorSCornwell: "500+ kids sing at FPC in Wichita today! This is why we run buses." // Wow - THAT is a kids choir!

RT @AnthonyMangun: "Our group alone fed 750. Loved this man's Christmas tree.” / Love U pastor 4 LIVING Matt. 25:35-36!

RT @melanishock: "Praying intensely for the families whose candles have gone out this Christmas. Jesus, we need you.” /

RT @RandyGKeyes: "Doubt is Faith in reverse. Doubt is to Satan what Faith is to God. It allows him to act. Build your faith & refuse doubt!”

RT @NathanHarrod: "At our General Conference in Madrid, Spain last weekend 110 received the Holy Ghost” / #Missionaries

RT @terryshock: Can it really be a blessing if it doesn't move U closer to God? Too many think their distraction is their blessing. // Amen!

RT @longstreth2: Footprints of first person baptized at our new location! "WALK in newness of life" (Ro 6:4) / Awesome!

RT @davidkbernard: "We pray 4 our country & leaders, but sometimes God gives the people what they want rather than what they need (1 Sam 8)"

RT @AnthonyMangun: "Just finished preaching funeral of 17-year-old young man. Spirit of God moved; we have over 20 to baptize this weekend.”

RT @ToddJohnson_: "Soldiers guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - some people refuse to leave their post in a storm!

RT @Melindanicity: "Found 1 of Dad's old love letters to Mom. 'Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;' #steamy” // #AIMerDating :-)

RT @jimmytoney: "The first of many.” / Long Range Lexington Forecast: Increasing Revival w/ periodic Holy Ghost showers

RT @tylerwalea: The presence/absence of God is the measure of eternal value. Little is much when God is in it; much is little when He isn't.

RT @JimPoitrasGATS: "One received the Holy Ghost in our iChurch Seminar this morning.” iChurch = not your average church conference seminar!

RT @AnthonyMangun: "One of the greatest weeks in history of @POAlex w/ @mattmaddix. 90 received Holy Ghost, 51 baptized. We give God glory.”

RT @JerryLDean: "Rare treat for the southern boy. Single single." // The blessings of the Lord are upon you! :-) Enjoy!


The word of God to Nehemiah ... war and build at the same time. Don't wait for the war to cease. We all battle something ... keep building!
Terry Shock, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward

If we want more success than failure, we need more listening than talking, more praying than preaching, and more doing than dreaming.
Tyler Walea, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward


Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things make sense, whatsoever things were proof-read and spelled correctly... tweet on these things.
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You can't keep a thankful person down or an unthankful person propped up.
Terry Shock, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward


The next time you become self-defensive, stop, and consider why you are defending something that needs to die daily.
Joel Urshan, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward


I think I saw myself at the zoo today. Met a black swan that was OCD about leaf organizing. I snuck over to quietly tell her "great job"
Cylinda Nickel, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward


Your fully exploited strengths are of far greater value to your organization than your marginally improved weaknesses.
Andy Stanley, Retweeted by Raymond Woodward


John Stott, The Expositor, Sent at a Crucial Point in My Life
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If nobody on Twitter inspired you this morning, try prayer. That might work.
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Time for @Raymondwoodward to start tweeting.
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