Headed to Eau Claire, Wisconsin today for a Midwinter Campmeeting ... as if Fredericton, New Brunswick wasn't cold enough! :-) #FrozenChosen

WINTERFIRE begins 1 week from today at First Cathedral in Bloomfield, CT! 2013 Theme: Kingdom Increase. @WinterfireConf

For TALK21 teachers ... Chip & Dan Heath, in their book "Made to Stick," tell how to make messages memorable in the acrostic S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

SIMPLE – find the core and leave out the rest // UNEXPECTED - grab attention using surprise // CONCRETE – concept that can be firmly grasped

CREDIBLE – believable, honest & truthful // EMOTIONAL – etches an idea in our memories // STORIES – take Jesus' example & tell stories well

SPIRITUAL – this one isn't in "Made To Stick" but I add it because we must have the anointing on our teaching! (and SUCCES isn't a word) :-)

"You can delegate everything else in your church, but you can't delegate setting an example." ~ Pastor @AnthonyMangun #BOTT13 #HearTheVoice

"This isn't a leftover commitment with me - it's a magnificent obsession." ~ the inimitable Vesta Layne Mangun, #BOTT13

"If this isn't real, get out of it. It's not worth your time. But if this is real, then give it all you've got. I intend to." ~ Vesta Mangun

"The Holy Ghost in me is the Soul Winner and I intend to let Him out! Surely you can spare some time to win an eternal soul." ~ Vesta Mangun

"At Judgment, I won't weep over things I HAVE done, because they're under the blood - I'll weep over things I HAVEN'T done." ~ Vesta Mangun

APOSTOLIC APP: "Spending time in the Word is like doing FaceTime with God. I see Him & He talks to me in the Word." ~ @AnthonyMangun #BOTT13

You can let many human voices speak into your HEAD, but be very careful which human voices you let speak into your HEART ~ @TFTenney #BOTT13

"His VOICE is always speaking, but our ears are not always listening. I ask God to BIRTH my decisions, not just BLESS them." ~ @MelaniShock

Beware of isolation. Judas got a 'ME word' while the other disciples got an 'US word.' It seemed good 2 the Holy Ghost & to US. ~ @sogleason

Elder @sogleason: Thanks 4 the humility & transparency of your message at #BOTT13. Ministries& futures were saved by that timely "US word."

Tempting God is LIMITING God (Psalm 78:41). I don't always understand what God is doing IN me but I know He is FOR me! ~ Calvin Jean #BOTT13

Whose interpretation of Psalm 91:11-12 will U believe? Satan? (nothing bad should happen) Or Jesus? (God is FOR me regardless) ~ Calvin Jean

Thanks @POAlex 4 honoring the UPCI's unsung heroes - our Missionary Kids - at #BOTT13. @UPWITHMKS // RT @cylindanickel:

"FAITH is an act of your WILL, not a reaction of your EMOTIONS. Don't focus on what's WRONG - look at what's RIGHT!" ~ Brian Kinsey, #BOTT13

Science had Marie Curie; nursing, Florence Nightingale; civil rights, Rosa Parks. But the Apostolics have Vesta Mangun!

Dear @sogleason: May the Holy Spirit who ministered THROUGH you yesterday at #BOTT13 minister TO you today as U face the loss of your mother

Dear Mike Williams (@MJWms): We miss U at #BOTT13, but your VISION is still here. Thanks for dreaming this with @AnthonyMangun 30 years ago!

WHAT WOULD JESUS TWEET? "Would Jesus 'like' what you post on Facebook? Would He 'retweet' what you say on Twitter?" ~ @terryshock at #BOTT13

The enemy of the 11th Hour Church is ENTITLEMENT. I'm thrilled 2 do ANYTHING in the Vineyard, regardless of how God 'pays' me! ~ @terryshock

"My parents said there was no God. At college, my professors taught me there was no God. But then I MET Him." ~ new convert to @jerrys1950

"The biggest enemy of prayer is not praying." ~ one of those classic deadpan one-liners from Pastor @TerryShock at today's #BOTT13 forum :-)

"We love 'general' truth - we just don't like specific truth spoken directly to us. That's why they wanted to kill Jesus." ~ @Brent_Coltharp

DISCOURAGEMENT is the most serious sickness of the soul, due to misunderstanding the WAY, the WHY & the WAIT of God (Num 21) ~ Wayne Huntley

"If you'd read that Bible, it would shed a lot of light on those commentaries." ~ the one & only Charlie Mahaney, via Wayne Huntley #BOTT13

DISCOURAGEMENT is the despair of wounded self-love. It produces cowardice, compromise and complacency. Don't minimize its danger. ~ Huntley

Your God is only as big as the size of what it takes to discourage you. Israel saw the size of their enemies but not the size of their God!

POWER TO TREAD: A serpent strikes w/ its head; a scorpion strikes w/ its tail. (Luke 10:19) Jesus said, "Heads or tails, you win!" ~ Huntley

RT @timgaddy: #BOTT12 - #REDbandanarevival #BOTT13 - #BLUErevival / Thanks to @glennmassey& "Blue" for an explosive word of FAITH tonight!

THANK YOU to 300+ @POAlex volunteers & staff who make such a sacrifice to minister to the ministry every January. @AnthonyMangun @TerryShock

Leaving Alexandria, LA always feels a bit more like leaving home than going home. What a powerful week at #BOTT13 ... we heard The Voice!

Okay, if @jerrys1950 can get so inspired by @glennmassey's BOTT message about "Blue" that he tweets Irving Berlin lyrics, then so can I. :-)

BLUE SKIES: Blue skies smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies do I see. Bluebirds singing a song, Nothing but bluebirds all day long.

Never saw the sun shining so bright, Never saw things going so right. Noticing the days hurrying by, When you're in love my how they fly.

Blue days, all of them gone, Nothing but blue skies from now on. (P.S. Maybe something to think about for @madonnamassey's next project?)

AnthonyMangun @POAlex 32 people got the Holy Ghost this morning and 19 baptized. We just had simple faith...oops I meant BlueFaith. #BOTT13 #bluefaith

Headed 4 #BOTT13 with my good friend @jackleaman ... Fredericton - Toronto - Houston - Alexandria ... ready to HEAR THE VOICE this week @POABOTT

Thanks @mackenziejustin 4 powerful ministry to @CCC_Revolution youth this weekend at Green Hill Winter Retreat - @CCC_Fredericton loves you!

Just 4 more days until @POABOTT ... 2006 "21st Century Apostolic" ... 2007 "The Journey" ... 2008 "Downpour" ... 2009 "If My People" ... >>

<< 2010 "Lead" ... 2011 "Formed" ... 2012 "Enter" ... 2013 "HEAR THE VOICE" ... I see where this is going! Can't wait!

Dear Lord: Please feel free to send @jasonwdillon all the snow I did NOT pray for. If it's too much for him, send the extra to @JerryLDean. :-) Thanks to @AirCanada for the upgrade to Executive First between Toronto and Sydney, both ways! #WhyIFlyAC

BECAUSE OF THE TIMES begins just 2 weeks from today! 2013 Theme: "Hear The Voice" // Schedule: // @POABOTT Can't wait!

I love the happy music and the joyful worship of the Australian church! Especially enjoyed the singing of the Torres Strait Islanders today.

On some of these small islands between Australia & Papua New Guinea nearly everyone is an Apostolic Christian. The whole island is a church!

They write their own songs in their own dialect. One lyric I liked from today - "God has delivered us from manmade religion and doctrine ..."

The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit ... General Conference Worship ( ... Torres Strait Islanders (

Seven precious children from the Torres Strait Islands just received the Holy Ghost all at once. #likeariver #australia

Dozens filled with Holy Ghost this week at General Conference of UPCA - people come from all across Australia EXPECTING to be filled! #faith

Headed home ... Temp in Sydney, AU = 39 C / 102 F ... Temp in Fredericton, NB = -17 C / 1 F ... // #LetItSnowLetItSnowLetItSnow #NOT :-) :-)

Dear Rev. John & @suedowns53: You are two of the most genuine Christians I know. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality in Queanbeyan!

Yes, I'm speaking at a YOUTH banquet today - b/c my Aussie friends know that I'm "VINTAGE" ;-) Good to be with @jadowns

Building full at Australian General Conference, altars full after ministry of Pastor @StanHarvey from @POSydney.

Canberra, AU will hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit this week; Fredericton, NB will dip below 0 (a few times) ... "Here I am, Lord - send me!" :-)

One 'perk' of traveling New Year's Day - Tim Hortons open in Toronto Airport. :-) Headed to Canberra, Australia for UPCA General Conference.

Sanctified proud of church planters @mackenziejustin & @danmacleod ... Christmas For Christ offering over $1700 today ... go One Church Halifax!

2500 Spirit filled & 800 baptized in just 12 months in @RevCGRobinette's deputation services // #SupportOurMissionaries

Hey @jimmytoney, proud of that church-planting teenage daughter of yours! / RT @CaitlynToney: My first visitor, Mikayla

Via @kwelliott: 6 filled w/ Holy Ghost, 1 baptized after 911 call interrupted service. #unstoppableVISION #unstoppableCHURCH #unstoppableGOD

First to receive Holy Ghost in downtown Halifax at One Church! Proud of church planters @mackenziejustin & @danmacleod.

From my Aussie mate @jadowns: Things U hear at youth camp: "I was reading the book of Numbers last night & realized I don't have yours." :-)

Laughed at this sign over restaurant door :-) Food was good, fellowship better @mackenziejustin @danmacleod @jackleaman

Great 2B w/ Pastor @kwelliott & @crystalelliott & leaders at FAITH / #UnstoppableVision / "If you can dream it, you can achieve it" ~ Ziglar

Great church tonight with Pastor Randy & Sherry Briggs and the saints at Antiokia in Kristiansand.

Thanks to Jonathan Vazquez (@PastorVazquez) for the idea of #SermonsThatImpactedMyLife ... I've been blessed just by reading & remembering.

Scandinavian put me on an earlier flight from Kristiansand to Oslo. Total time from airport arrival to takeoff about 20 minutes. Impressive!

Today's Airports: Kristiansand Kjevik - Oslo Gardermoen - London Heathrow - Montreal Trudeau - Fredericton Hortons (joke, but I'd vote 4 it)

Flight cancellation at London Heathrow just made 22-hour journey into 27-hour journey. My circadian dischronism (jet lag) is kicking in! :-)

TALK 21: THE TEACHER ... 3-hour interactive dialogue regarding teaching ministry in the Church ... Tuesday, Jan. 22, 11am - 2pm @POAlex @POABOTT

TODAY'S TRIP: 6 airports, 5 grumpy agents, 4 countries, 3 baggage carousels, 2 delayed flights, 1 Tim Hortons, & a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

An @AirCanada concierge (Ellen) in Toronto just made my day. US carrier misdirected my luggage, but she intercepted it for me. Why I fly AC!

Thanks to @RevMarkMorgan, @Evggodwin, @davidksmith & team for incredible STORE conference. Wish I could watch last service from 30,000 feet!

"Evening With The Elders" at STORE // "You are in dangerous territory if you get all your advice from your peers." ~ @RevMarkMorgan // AMEN!

"My theme to this generation has been: climb higher, dig deeper, reach further than ever before. PRAYER is the key!" ~ James Kilgore @ STORE

Tonight at STORE, James Kilgore walked us thru our Apostolic Archives, then Jesus met us at an Apostolic Altar. #Elders

Powerful day in Goodlettsville w/ Tim & Julie Zuniga & GPC. Thanks to @ryanhennessey& @ERHennessey 4 Prayer Shawl! :-)

NB temp = 35F w/snow. TN temp = 65F w/sun. Looking forward 2 being w/ @PastorGPC & team. :-) Next week to LA for STORE.

After several cancelled flights out of NYC, & an unplanned 700-mile road trip home, we totally avoided Hurricane Sandy.

Enjoyed weekend with great folks at Bethel UPC on Long Island - they had full-throttle CHURCH in last few hours before 'Sandy' touched down!

Privileged to hear Pastor Doug Davis teach a couple hundred leaders from Bethel UPC today. Amazing leadership. Amazing team. Amazing church.

Dear Pastor @AnthonyMangun & @MickeyMangun: Don't ever stop talking about LEGACY. You inspire us!

REVIVAL REPORT: Andy Nieman reports 21 people received the Holy Ghost, 22 were healed & 4 were baptized in Carmacks, Yukon on the weekend. >

< Baptisms were in icy Yukon River with snow on the ground. Temp was a frigid -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit). After YEARS of planting ... HARVEST!

Looking forward to STORE in Lake Charles, LA in just 3 weeks - Apostolic ministry & mentoring! //

In Toronto, heading home from Leadership Seminar at Harrison Hills Church (@hhupc) in Jewett, OH w/ Pastor Kirt & Pam Denney and their team.

Traveling today w/ @BeverleyWoodwrd, headed to "For This Cause" @POAlex couples retreat at the Grand Hotel in historic Natchez, Mississippi.

Natchez, MS. Sights from this morning's walk along the Mighty Mississippi ...

Natchez, MS. Sightseeing today. This homeowner needs 1 more yard ornament for that horribly bare spot to the right. :-)

Departing Alexandria, LA to go home always feels a lot like leaving home. God's family is amazing. Thankful 2B at @POAlex 4 a great weekend!

Always a blast at MK Pizza Bash! Thanks to @HappyHattabaugh, @CarlaEBurton & @CylindaNickel for leading this incredible ministry! @UPWITHMKS

Guess who dropped in at the MK Pizza Bash tonight? @BunchandBreeze @UPWITHMKS

RT @cylindanickel: "MK Pizza Bash 2012 - 215 in attendance - Bunch & Breeze - most important, Jesus ministered!” / AMEN

"E Pluribus Una Ecclesia" - "Out of many, one Church" / #GC2012 / "For ye are all ONE in Christ Jesus" (Galatians 3:28)

"We steered, we continued, we sailed on." ~ Common phrases, repeated often, from journal of Christopher Columbus, 1492. Sounds like #GC2012.

Willow Creek was informative. NorthPoint was innovative. Saddleback was instructive. Catalyst was impressive. #GC2012 has been ... APOSTOLIC

"Don't make me put my foot down!" ~ @AkilThompson #GC2012 // "Every place the sole of your foot shall tread upon I give unto you" (Josh 1:3)

"Lots of people are in relationship but don't have commitment. Jesus said, 'If you love me, keep my commandments.'" ~ @DavidKBernard #GC2012

Just met the real "BROTHER BARRY" in PPH bookstore right here @ #GC2012 / / /

Samson never delivered Israel because he never delivered himself from himself. It's dangerous 2 be GIFTED and not GODLY. ~ @RevASoto #GC2012

"The key to human relationships is 'WHO is influencing WHO?' You show me your FRIENDS and I'll show you your FUTURE." ~ @RevASoto at #GC2012

Breaking News from #GC2012 - "Brother Barry" did an "Into His Marvelous Light" Bible Study & is going to be baptized in Jesus' name tonight!

INFLUENCE is like money in the bank; you must make more deposits than withdrawals & spend your money wisely. ~ @davidkbernard, iLead #GC2012

"The tenth 'Be Attitude' for Apostolic men is just 'BE THERE!' Faithfulness IS a 'Heaven or Hell' issue!" ~ Wayne Huntley, preaching #GC2012

One of the ladies who works at the America's Center arena just received the Holy Ghost during the Apostolic Man service! / #GC2012 = CHURCH!

RT @Sslaydon: "I've seen many get out of wheel chairs as they were healed, but last night was the first time my 10 year old saw it.” #GC2012

"The Imminent Return of Revival" - prophetic message by church planter @JimmyToney - "Move over regular, welcome to the new normal!" #GC2012

"God's promises are not self-fulfilling, but declarations of Divine intent. His church must DECLARE then DEMONSTRATE." ~ Jeff Arnold #GC2012

"You won't POSSESS what you don't PURSUE, or EXPERIENCE what you don't EXPECT. There aren't many Apostolic accidents!" ~ Jeff Arnold #GC2012

The PREACHING of the cross is to them FOOLISHNESS, but to us it (PREACHING!) is the POWER of God. // Preaching = POWER! @jerryjjones #GC2012

FAITHWORKS. You'll see their creativity everywhere at #GC2012. Check out their booth & their $500 giveaway this week!

Congrats to my friend & esteemed elder @EdwinJudd on induction into the Order of the Faith #GC2012

Love the Metro Missions logo designed 4 North American Missions by @faithworksimage // Check out their booth at #GC2012

Rev. @EdwinJudd among the HEROES honored at Order of the Faith dinner #GC2012

Just one more day until final preview service at Lexington Tabernacle (@LexTab). Praying for Pastor @jimmytoney & team!

Great to visit with @BrianEGoddard & Meagan last night. Glad to make sure that Brian ate his veggies! (Bloomin' Onion)

Headed for General Conference in St. Louis, MO. Global Missions Board. Executive Board. General Board. UPC Canada Board. Won't be bored! :-)

They de-iced the plane in Fredericton today. In September! What's up with that?! // "It's the most wonderful time of the year ..." NOT! :-)

Great video from @NathanHarrod family, our missionaries to Spain // // You can support them here:

Excited with Church Planter @CorttChavis & @Truth_Chapel ... first service, attendance 121, many visitors // AWESOME!!

Reading over shoulder of little girl in next row: "going to new bruswik. thru up on plane. it was grose." Could be an interesting flight :-)

Awesome report from Dieudonne Kahozi, French Evangelism Coordinator: "Erotic Store Replaced By A Soul-Saving Station" /

Lake Winnipeg from our room at Lakeview Inn in Gimli, Manitoba. World's 10th largest lake. Here for Ministers Retreat.

Lakeview Inn back home in Fredericton, New Brunswick has no LAKE and no VIEW (what's with that anyway?) so this hotel is a real upgrade. :-)

RT @TFTenney: "3 weeks, 13 flights, 23 sermons, 4 countries, and 17,000 miles. Not bad for nearly 78& 79.” // Not bad if you were 18 & 19!!

Relaxing 25-hour trip from Sydney in @AirCanada Exec First. Toronto connection under 1/2 hour but bag still made it. My favorite way to fly!

1930 Airports: Vancouver/YVR Toronto/YYZ Montreal/YUL

Via @Curtisrscott: Student at NLTS Lahore noted on application he wants to preach the "Gohousepal" // In view of Acts 2:46 & 8:5, I like it!

Revival Update from @UPCMad: 2298 people were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in four days at the Madagascar National Conference!

Nearly halfway through 30-hour journey to Australia for Turning Point Conference with @RevMarkMorgan and @StanHarvey at

Arrived in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit! Looking forward to Turning Point Conference ... and to some good on-the-ground sleep! :-)

Revival Report from @UPCMad: 1692 people were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in three days at the Madagascar National Conference!

Coffee with @Jararoach at Tim Hortons in Montreal - a pastor with vision who knows good coffee :-)

Believing with Pastor @kwelliott and the church family at @faithtabernacle for an awesome FRIENDS DAY! #friendsday2012

Favorite airline @AirCanada is 75 this month. Enjoyed commemorative issue of enRoute magazine during flight yesterday.

Airline FIRSTS by @AirCanada / 1938: De-icing / 1963: Computerized Ticketing / 1965: Covered jetway / 1965: Black Box / 2009: Smartphone App

My favorite @AirCanada advancement? Executive First seat! In one tomorrow :-)

Honored to be at Arkansas Growth Conference with @TimGaddy. Message today on "Supernatural Soulwinning" by @Derald_Weber was worth the trip!

RT @timgaddy: "Family of real life gypsies invited at hotel to #ARGrowth12. Came both nights. Know of 4 who received Holy Ghost.” / Awesome!

Thanks to Pastor @TimGaddy, @NewLifeCabot & @ARDistUPCI for hospitality at #ARGrowth12. Open your mouth, start where they are, preach Jesus!

MALAWI CRUSADE (@RevCGRobinette): 912 received Holy Ghost, 141 baptized in Jesus' name. //

"By their lives they have taken away all our excuses." ~ Missionary Georgene Shalm, reflecting on the ministry of Steve & Barbara Willoughby

A powerful parade of Humble Heroes has graced the Global Missions boardroom today, "of whom the world is not worthy." (Hebrews 11:38) #SOM12

THE GREAT GO-MISSION // Just 10 days until SFC offering on Sunday, Sept. 9 // Give at church or at

THE GREAT GO-MISSION // Canadian missionaries Brad Thompson ( and Colleen Carter ( talk about SFC.

THE GREAT GO-MISSION // Only for the A-Team @ShayMann, @MichaelEnsey & @Matt_Johnson_MO - no TH pic until 09.09.12 :-) // SHEAVES FOR CHRIST

Full day of interviews yesterday at School of Missions ... impressed by reports, impacted by sacrifices, and inspired by missionaries! #SOM12

Favorite #SOM12 moment ... @JerryLDean weeping as Steve Nix thanked @ThePentecostals for building Bible School. God blesses giving churches!

Links to service honoring Willoughbys' 20 years in Singapore, from @PastorTimLee / PT 1 - / PT 2 -

Praying for Pastor @jimmytoney & @lextab as they begin their 2nd preview service in Lexington, KY. Happy 17th Anniversary to the Toneys too!

"We believe Acts 2:38 but do we believe Luke 6:38? 'Give and it shall be given unto you!'" ~ Ted Wagner, taking offering at SoCal Camp #CM12

CHURCH PLANTER 2.0 @CaitlynToney in new High School less than a week & has visitor coming Sunday! // Chip off the old @jimmytoney block! :-)

Praying for Preview Service Two in Lexington, KY in ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... // Excited for @jimmytoney @reneelynntoney @CaitlynToney & @LexTab

MKs @ School of Missions this week!

"Dear Missionary Parents: Duct-taping your MK to a brick wall is a GAME, not a disciplinary measure. All's well at #SOM12." ~ @CylindaNickel

Via @shanehayes: Missionaries @ #SOM12 / The mission of the church is MISSIONS. ~ Smith / Go, send, or disobey. ~ Piper

Thanks to PJL Taxi (Pastor @JackLeaman) for airport shuttle. Looking forward to SoCal Campmeeting and ministry of @AHodges3 & Wayne Huntley.

Via @jasonwdillon: 87 Home Missions families in Madison, MS this week for #AC2012 / Sponsor here: // God bless Parkway!

Parkway Church pays all expenses for 87 Home Missionaries 2 attend Apostolic Conference (#AC2012). Sponsor family here:

Congrats to @timgaddy and @newlifecabot as they "praise God in His sanctuary" (Psa. 150:1) today!

Rejoice with them that do rejoice! (Rom. 12:15) / RT @timgaddy: "Full house and altars. Thankful." @newlifecabot / WOW!

RT @kwelliott: "35 years of ministry in Manchester w/ Bishop Stuart" Great example of setting up a successor 4 success!

Headed to Connecticut for Camp Meeting this week. NEW ENGLAND. Home of Puritans and the Great Awakening. Population density 3X rest of USA.

NEW ENGLAND. Birthplace of American Revolution; in need of Apostolic Revival. "O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years!" (Hab 3:2)

NEW ENGLAND. Highest % of US residents unaffiliated with any religion. Outside the Bible Belt; inside one of the next great revivals in USA!

Thanks to @AirCanada concierge Brian in Calgary - met me at plane, rebooked missed flight, rechecked bags & sped me through airport. #LoveAC

First stop on 23-hour trip home that I haven't had to RUN from plane to plane. In Montreal, at Tim Hortons!

Manila had 34 inches of rain in 72 hours, during LDI. Church we went to on Sunday was flooded. But we still had an awesome move of God here!

Hasn't stopped raining in Manila. Flying out in 5 hours.

"I use the Women's Bible, also called the Amplified Version. It has 10 words to every 1 in the King James Version." ~ Janice Sjostrand @ LDI

"In Egypt, Israel experienced NOT ENOUGH. In the wilderness, JUST ENOUGH. But in the Promised Land, MORE THAN ENOUGH." ~ Jason Sciscoe @ LDI

JET LAG [desynchronosis] is a physiological condition disrupting the body's circadian rhythms due to rapid travel across time zones. / AMEN!

1 hour to LDI in Manila, Philippines with Jason Sciscoe, Jim Poitras, Keith & Janice Sjostrand, Justin Anthony & Barron Longstreth. Excited!

Happy 23rd Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. @HappyHattabaugh (Mark & Esther)! You bless the UPCI by your passion for missions!

Figured out why Philippians sounds like Philippines. :-) The book of Philippians is all about JOY; the Filipino church is all about JOY too!

Philippine Apostolic Revival Center: Crusade last week, 944 ppl, 258 vstrs, 70 baptized; Church today, 17 vstrs, 9th daughter work sent out.

Banners @ PARC church: Worship the Lord in the beauty of HOLINESS; Be ye HOLY for I am HOLY; Perfecting HOLINESS in the fear of God. // Hmm.

It's RAINING today in Manila. Thankful the typhoon was LAST week. And thankful I'm not here for sightseeing anyway. :-)

In my favorite Executive First seat on AC flight 1, Toronto to Tokyo. Headed to Leadership Development International in Manila, Philippines.

And it begins ... Lexington Tabernacle is in our prayers as they launch their first service! Congratulations to Pastor @jimmytoney & @LexTab.

Via @jdeanalcorn: Lexington Tabernacle First Service - unofficial count 160 !!! Praying for a great harvest at @LexTab!

A CHURCH IS BORN! Congrats to Pastor @jimmytoney and @LexTab. Great job preparing the "Tabernacle." Now may the glory of God fill the house!

Via @jimmytoney & @LexTab - 172 on 1st Sunday, 107 from Lexington (incl. team) - 10X goal of 10 guests! - 7 families starting Bible studies!

Via @jimmytoney & @LexTab - The TEAM - // Congrats on yesterday's launch! // TEAM = T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore

"The great workmen of history have been men who believed like giants." ~ Charles Henry Parkhurst // "We are giants!" ~ @jimmytoney / @LexTab

Today US Airways managed to make me 35 minutes late for a 45-minute connection & deposit me at the far end of Washington National to boot. >

< After brisk cardiovascular workout :-) missed flight by 5 minutes. @AirCanada found a seat on a full flight & found my misconnected bag. >

< Now at @TimHortons in Toronto Airport w/ extra-large coffee :-) so all is well. En route 2 services w/ Rev. Lee Stoneking @CCC_Fredericton

STARTS TONIGHT! Rev. Lee Stoneking ministers at @CCC_Fredericton / July 27-29 / Fri & Sat @ 7:00 / Sun @ 11:00 & 6:00 /

Looking forward to last day of #Impact2012. Thanks to James Carney, @JerronCarney, @JayCarneyII& @WoodlawnChurch for this powerful meeting!

"Bible Doctrine is the D.N.A. of the Apostolic church. D.N.A. = Do Not Alter!" ~ @jasonwdillon, #Impact2012, @WoodlawnChurch in Columbia, MS

"We are in danger of becoming an ACADEMIC church instead of being an APOSTOLIC church." ~ Jeff Arnold, "Whose Fool Are You?" // #Impact2012

MAJOR SPORTS EVENT: at least 4 hours long, at least $200 a seat & highly emotional! CHURCH? ~ Jeff Arnold, "Whose Fool Are You?" #Impact2012

Don't follow a preacher who isn't a worshipper! Saul was in love with Palace & Position; David was in love w/ God's Presence. ~ Jeff Arnold

Thanks to Nexus pass 4 getting me through major logjam in airport customs & security. Thanks to @AirCanada 4 free upgrade to business class!

Thanks 2 MK Ministries (@UPWITHMKS), Pastor Mike Williams (@MJWms) & Pentecostals of Apopka for hosting MK Retreat this week (July 26-30). >

< Starting today, 63 MKs begin arriving in Orlando. Praying with @HappyHattabaugh, @cylindanickel& @CarlaEBurton for a powerful MK Retreat!

RT @jimmytoney: “@lextab: It's the week of our launch. Pray 4 us. Labor pains will intensify. Something will break. A church will be born.”

Thankful for early morning airport shuttle, Pastor @jackleaman - headed to IMPACT at Woodlawn Church in Columbia, MS //

THIS WEEK! Rev. Lee Stoneking ministers at @CCC_Fredericton // July 27-29 // Fri & Sat @ 7:00 // Sun @ 11:00 & 6:00 //

Just saw my friend AC pilot Mark Cary (@av8r_mc) in Toronto. @AirCanada has great staff but Mark takes class & kindness 2 a whole new level.

Congratulations 2 Pastor @timgaddy & @stacygaddy & the @newlifecabot family! God certainly has answered those prayers from 13 years ago! :-)

Excited about the final countdown for Pastor @jimmytoney & @lextab ... (day) 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... REVIVAL! Believing with you!

Flying Hartford to Montreal on 18-seater airplane today. Open door to cockpit. Copilot doubles as stewardess. Like a taxicab in the sky. :-)

Picture = 1000 Words / Montreal Airport / Thankfully, today it's not my luggage they're trashing - at least not yet :-)

“@AnthonyMangun: Headed to South Africa BOTT. Asking you to cover @TFTenney @terryshock @mickeymangun & the BOTT team in prayer.” / Praying!

MEDIOCRITY can be defined as learning how to live with what you don't want. ~ Wayne Huntley, "The Return of the Heel Grabber" (Ontario Camp)

"For I will go down into the grave unto my son mourning" (Gen 37:35) // Don't mourn for your dream because it's still alive! ~ Wayne Huntley

"The violent take it by force" (Matt. 11:12) // DESPERATION always precedes DEMONSTRATION. ~ Wayne Huntley, "The Return of the Heel Grabber"

Waiter at Denny's pouring substance that looks like coffee just asked me if I worked for Tim Hortons. Maybe my desktop?

"Evangelism happens in the sinner; revival happens in the saint. We are in days of unprecedented evangelism, but we need revival!" ~ Huntley

The Pentecostal Church is the only modern venue where the penalty for coming late is that the BACK seats are already filled. ~ Wayne Huntley

When sinners compliment while saints complain ... when sinners are impressed while saints are depressed ... we need REVIVAL! ~ Wayne Huntley

When saints play multiple choice with the church schedule, we need REVIVAL! ~ Wayne Huntley, "The True Definition of Revival" (Ontario Camp)

"It's 8:00 and you're at church service - do you know where your BIBLE is? We cannot have REVIVAL until we have a RE-BIBLE!" ~ Wayne Huntley

"The greatest challenge of Pentecost is that we are trapped in a time warp - we see ourselves as we WERE and not as we ARE." ~ Wayne Huntley

We believe the revelation of the Mighty God in Christ, but now we need a revelation of the Mighty God in US! ~ Wayne Huntley (Ontario Camp)

"Whatever he saith unto you do it" (last words of Mary in Bible, John 2:5) // Jesus said go to the Upper Room. Mary did. Will you? ~ Huntley

Peter preached, Save yourselves from this UN(toward) GENERATION - UNfaithful, UNdependable, UNcommitted, UNreliable, UNholy. ~ Wayne Huntley

"The world values the SUCCESSFUL but God values the FAITHFUL." ~ Wayne Huntley, preaching "The Tenth Beatitude" ("Be There") at Ontario Camp

"Faithfulness to GOD equals Faithfulness to CHURCH." ~ Wayne Huntley, preaching on "The Tenth Beatitude" ("Be There") at Ontario Campmeeting

"If you feel you don't WANT to go to church, you don't NEED to go to church, or you're not WORTHY to be in church, GET TO CHURCH!" ~ Huntley

“@AnthonyMangun: Met couple from Burma on plane, told them about Jesus, brought to church, baptized them.” / Go Pastor!

It's not a conference, it's a CONVERSATION / Columbia, MS / Nov 6-8, 2013 / Follow @notaconference

My balcony view at Belleville Travelodge, overlooking Zwick's Park & Bay of Quinte. Pretty place.

Great SUMMER SUMMIT with @joelurshan @SFTBishop @gregbowman & @superdupermikko. Special thanks to @porterview & @CCC_Fredericton volunteers!

24 hours on the ground in Fredericton. Alaska/Yukon Camp last week. Last day of Summer Summit today. Ontario Camp this week. Lots of CHURCH!

If this is what you see when you step outside Wal-Mart, you might be in Alaska. :-) Beautiful place, wonderful people.

And if this is what you see when you drive by the local medical clinic, U might be in rural Alaska for Campmeeting. :-)

Outside our cabin around midnight. If we just had wifi, the 24-hour daylight would make it a workaholic's paradise. ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS to Pastor Doug and Vickie Davis on the Dedication of Bethel's new building today!

CANADA CONFERENCE in Regina, SK begins tonight with @davidkbernard (8:00 PM Central) - 3 day schedule & webcast link at

Canada Conference in Regina, SK ... street evangelism brought 17 visitors Wed PM, 37 visitors Thu PM, 84 visitors Fri PM ... many lives changed!

:-) "I told my kids that the family is not a democracy; it's more like a benevolent dictatorship." ~ David Bernard / Canada Conference Forum

In the London Lounge at Heathrow, headed home to the beautiful @BeverleyWoodwrd, to the great folks at @CCC_Fredericton & to @TimHortons :-)

EH ("AY"). The basis of all Canadian communication. Used in conjunction with other words, or simply by itself. Equivalent to American "HUH."

Tone changes the meaning: EH? End of a sentence. Eh!! = Wow!! Eh!? = What did you say!? Eh?? = You're joking! EH!! = Hello!! (at a distance)

Thanks to Air Canada for another upgrade to Executive First. Love our national airline! CANADA ... C ... Eh! ... N ... Eh! ... D ... Eh! :-)

Mobile office today, on AC 865. Frequent Flyer Trivia: Seat 9A is the most private on this aircraft type. Study time!

Above clouds at 37,000 feet. Worship music playing. Word of God speaking. Private seat for praying. JESUS is here. He is so real. Thankful.

Tonight in Turkey, 31 people passed their 'foreign language exams.' Tomorrow, about 30 are going 'swimming.' Think about it :-) and REJOICE!

Overnight flights to Glasgow, Scotland w/ Brent Carter for teachers seminar & leadership classes at Harvest Bible College the next few days.

Thanks to Air Canada 4 free upgrade 2 Executive First for YYZ to LHR - tomorrow it's straight to the back of the bus on British Airways! :-)

Calvary Tabernacle in Perry, Iowa ... began as a Bible Study 7 years ago ... front page of tonight ...

Couldn't help thinking about a certain Evangelist at a certain Youth Convention when I saw this today. @jimmytoney :-)

In my "office" at the Toronto Airport for the morning. :-) Headed to St. Louis for Global Missions committee meeting.

My sources tell me that @jimmytoney has not been behaving himself very well at Atlantic District Youth Convention. :-)

Honored 2 speak @ Atlantic District Youth Convention today. #YC2012 Never thought I'd ever be the "Voice of an Elder" @ a youth meeting! :-)

Sunday night service @ Atlantic District Youth Convention. Proud of @CCC_Fredericton worship team!

"We don't flirt to convert. No church-y, no date-y!" ~ The inimitable @jimmytoney, preaching to teens at Atlantic District Youth Convention.

Privileged to be at FPC Wichita today - Pastor Marrell Cornwell, Arley Forsyth & Scott Osborn have taught 68,000 Bible studies between them!

Report from Islam-dominated Turkey: This week 31 people passed "foreign language exams," 30 people went "swimming." Think about it! Rejoice!

FPC in Wichita, Kansas sent beautiful flowers to Beverley on Mother's Day. So thoughtful and kind.

Via @AnthonyMangun - Profound prophetic word from the Lord @POAlex on Sunday morning, April 29, 2012. #GiftsOfTheSpirit

TOGETHER: "When Crew and Captain understand each other to the core, It takes a gale and more than a gale to put their ship ashore: >

< For the one will do what the other commands, although they are chilled to the bone, And both together can live through weather >

< that neither could face alone." ~ Rudyard Kipling, quoted by @davidtiptonjr in great message @ MS district conference (One + One = ONE)

You'd have to be at MS Dist Conf to get this one. "It's just the attic fan" ~ @jayteague Thanks to Bryan Abernathy! :-)

Privileged to be in ThinkTank meeting today, planning the next year of articles for "The Pentecostal Herald" - great committee, great ideas!

2 Tim 3:2 - "Men shall be ... unthankful, unholy." // Before men become unholy, they become unthankful. ~ Wayne Huntley, PA Men's Conference

Matt 3:12 - "Whose fan is in his hand" // If you'll be His fan, you'll be in His hand. I'm a Jesus fan! ~ Wayne Huntley, PA Men's Conference

Samson was bound, blind going in circles, but he called on God once more! It doesn't have to end like this! ~ Wayne Huntley, PA Men's Conf

Back in Canada ... land of Beverley, family, friends, church, melting snow Tim Hortons coffee with Pastor @jackleaman

I guess they're setting up a security line in Tokyo airport just for ministers ... "Parsonal effects" ... :-) #Engrish

Still tweeting after 5 countries in 10 days ... privileged to travel with @jackleaman, who flat-out PREACHED this week!

Air Canada came through again with an upgrade to Executive First. Next stop is Toronto airport in Canada, and TIM HORTONS! Life is good. :-)

Singapore has one of the most unique skylines and waterfronts in the world.

Titanic Exhibit in Singapore, a few days before 100th anniversary of sinking.

"Teach The Teacher" seminar in Singapore. "GO and TEACH!" (Mt. 28:19) is a command, not an option!

Mall, MRT station condos by Singapore Marriott - yes, that's a rooftop pool gardens. All the comforts of home! :-)

Attention @CCC_Fredericton Church Board: Pastor @jackleaman may want a slight raise when we get home. :-) #Lamborghini

This gets my vote for the Creative Washroom Door Sign Award. It's also a great reminder of how jet lag makes you feel.

Awesome message by @jackleaman at Filipino Joy Fellowship - "While the church was praying, Cornelius was praying too!"

Privileged to visit today with Apostle to Asia, Steve Willoughby. Have a feeling that he Paul could pass for brothers. :-) See Phil. 1:12.

Saturday night in Singapore ... Marriott Business Lounge, 27th floor ... looking out on an amazing city ... church tomorrow at Tabernacle of Joy!

In Lahore, Pakistan for General Conference Leadership Seminar - with @jackleaman, @curtisrscott, Allan Lynden Shalm. Thanks for prayers!

This little guy kept us entertained all the way from Bangkok to Lahore last night ... I think he really liked my iPad!

Pastor @jackleaman preached powerful message on "Transitions" today, a direct Word to the national church in Pakistan.

Blessed to be at today's Installation Service for Khalid Pervais, who succeeds Allan Shalm as Bishop of UPC of Pakistan

Pakistan Day 2012 (March 23) marked 30 years of missions work in Pakistan for Allan Georgene Shalm. Thanks for 3 decades of faithfulness!

Beignets and Cafe Au Lait with @derekparker78 at Cafe Du Monde. New Orleans style health food! :-)

Only @POAlex & Pastor @AnthonyMangun could pull off the profoundly powerful service & sermon we experienced last Sunday

Great resources for Prayer & Fasting emphasis on the "21 Days Page" (, courtesy of @POAlex. Thanks for leading the way!

Ro 1:15-16 "I am ready to preach the gospel ... for it (i.e. gospel preaching) is the power of God unto salvation." ~ @jerryjjones #Ignite12

SERMONS: "I've never heard a sermon I didn't get something out of, but I've had a lot of close calls" ~ @TFTenney via Donald Bryan #Ignite12

"Self-discipline is the first victory we must win before we can win any other victories. It is THE battle of life." ~ @jerryjjones #Ignite12

"One man observed, 'Looking back, my life seems to be one long obstacle course, with me being the chief obstacle.'" ~ @jerryjjones #Ignite12

"Foundations aren't made to be constantly remodeled; they are made to be securely laid, then built upon. Settle some things!" ~ @jerryjjones

Thanks to my Cajun Crawfish Coach @revhouston 4 teaching me his Louisiana technique! :-) #Ignite12

"MY ENEMY" -- An enemy I had, whose mien, I stoutly strove in vain to know; For hard he dogged my steps, unseen, Wherever I might go. >

< My plans he balked; my aims he foiled; He blocked my every onward way. When for some lofty goal I toiled, He grimly said me nay. >

< "Come forth!" I cried, "Lay bare thy guise! Thy wretched features I would see." Yet always to my straining eyes, He dwelt in mystery. >

< Until one night I held him fast, The veil from off his form did draw; I gazed upon his face at last, And, lo! Myself I saw. (E. Sabin)

"My Enemy" by Edwin L. Sabin, quoted by @jerryjjones at #Ignite12 ... thanks to @tommysparker, @DonaldBryan & @derekparker78 for hosting us!

There is a big difference between confession (to SAY what God says about sin) and repentance (to DO what God wants about sin). ~ @JerryLDean

Isaac asked his father "Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" because in the OT you NEVER worshipped without a SACRIFICE. ~ @JerryLDean

"We don't have a MONEY problem in our movement, we have a VISION problem - and vision has to start with LEADERSHIP." ~ @JerryLDean #Ignite12

Pr 6:30 Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry. / That's why I steal sermon thoughts! :-) @JerryLDean

Thanks to @tommysparker for having the vision to start the IGNITE meeting. You inspire us all! Thanks for "Leading From a Chair" - #Ignite12

Sunday AM Bible class @POAlex, listening 2 the inimitable Vesta Mangun. What she SAYS ... always worth hearing. Who she IS ... incomparable.

NO CROSS = NO SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP / "Fatigue is the price of leadership." ~ Oswald Sanders / "I want to go to Heaven tired." ~ Vesta Mangun

Privileged to be at #LEAD12 with staff and volunteers of @POAlex - the 'Dream Team' of the Apostolic movement. We thank God for each of YOU!

Congratulations to Gloria Chatagnier, POA Volunteer of the Year, and 94-year-old Louie Powell, POA Volunteer of the Century! You inspire me!

Of course @BunchandBreeze stole the show: "Welcome to LEAD. Lead is a soft heavy metal which makes us think of some of you." :-) #Awesomized

Most impacting #LEAD12 moment - Pastor @AnthonyMangun anointing feet of @POAlex staff - a powerful presence of the Greatest Servant, JESUS!

Headed 2 Halifax 2 celebrate first birthday of One Church w/ @mackenziejustin @danmacleod // Church Planters = HEROES

"Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: I am with thee ... I have much people in this city ... [So Paul] continued ...!" (Acts 18:9-11)

Had no idea that my text for this AM was a theme verse for One Church! "Much people in this city!" God is awesome! :-)

Church Planters! John Mean came to Nova Scotia 60 yrs ago. @mackenziejustin @danmacleod planted One Church 1 yr ago.

Happy 1st Birthday, One Church! 30+ in church today. Proud of pastors @mackenziejustin @danmacleod

New friends Duke & Lindsey, excited to be part of what God is doing at One Church Halifax! "Much people in this city!"

#ADVANCE12 - @timothyleblanc & the worship team are ON FIRE at WINTERFIRE … powerful worship, practical teaching, prophetic preaching … WOW!

Happy Birthday, Missionary Bennie DeMerchant! Same house in Manaus, Brazil since 1965. Now 1200 churches, 82 Bible Schools, 5500 graduates.

Moving memorial to a monumental life / G.A. Mangun / Jesus, I'll never forget

Impacted by a Living Legend today ... Vesta Layne Mangun ... Because of the Lost ... Because of the Call ... BECAUSE OF THE TIMES / #poabott

Fight Through. Stay Strong. Overcome Because I am a Warrior. // "The Soul of a Champion" @revtoddjohnson #poabott AMEN!

When You Go Home Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today (Kohima Epitaph) @revtoddjohnson #poabott

1. Preach Word. 2. Sing Sinatra. 3. Move of God! / Only Jeff Arnold. Only #poabott / Original is here, on your iPad :-)

"There was not one city too strong for us: the Lord our God delivered all unto us." (Deuteronomy 2:36) The last word from the Word! #poabott

“@POABOTT: Lights are dark ... music is silent … some trash … a forgotten Bible … a red bandana ...” // Thanks #poabott

The first Sunday after #POABOTT and every day to come. Thank you Vesta Mangun. We won't forget what this is all about.

@AnthonyMangun @mickeymangun @terryshock @melanishockForever grateful for your investment in ministers, our fellowship & our world #POABOTT

Post-BOTT miracle! Offer accepted on 40 acres for Living Hope Church. Didn't know it was available 5 days ago. Wow, God! Congrats, @Jrstaten

Rev. Robert Trapani, trusted counsellor to many, is now in the presence of the One who is Wonderful, Counsellor to all (Isaiah 9:6).#missed

January flight 2 Fort Lauderdale from Canada is like a flying senior citizens home; never seen so many canes, wheelchairs & NICE PEOPLE :-)

“@UPWITHMKS: Rejoicing in the great victory report of MK Jeff Mallory. Got the news today: From stage 4 cancer to stage 0!!! Praise God!!!”

MURRELL EWING. Sweet Psalmist of Pentecost. On Dec 31, 2010 he moved "Beyond the Sounds of Battle." Missed.


“@OmarJolly: Doesn't happen often, but I had to represent@raymondwoodward :-)” / Way to go, my NYC coffee comrade! ;-)

@TFTenney Thank God for Sis. Tenney! Many "held back until [she] arose, a mother in Israel." (Judges 5:7, TNIV) What an impact! What a lady!


FORCE OF HABIT: Lady at Air Canada this morning asked, "Where to today?" I answered, "Toronto." She said, "Good news - you're already here."


Oh, the "trials" frequent flyers must endure! Via USA Today:… // I think I was in this seat today!


"Behind every good man stands a substantial amount of coffee." // This airport sign never gets old. (G)O CANADA! :-)


I'm thrilled to travel with a missionary kid this week! Headed to Scism Christian Institute in Delhi, India @UPWITHMKS


Sunil Choudhary's first connection with Apostolic truth was CCC's webcast. He's been baptized in Jesus' name & filled with the Holy Ghost, >

< and is in my classes at Scism Christian Institute this week. He works at Delhi airport & I met him for the first time in person tonight. >

< This is Sunil with Bro. Scism. Pray that God uses us this week to impact young men preparing for ministry in India!


Hmm ... either Indian luggage is smaller or North American taxis are bigger ... you know you're in India when ... :-)


INDIA. Over 50 years of faithful labor, less than 5 Hindu priests were converted. They opposed the church, sometimes violently. THEN GOD! >

< In one crusade, the power of God knocked an entire group of Hindu priests to the ground, and 43 of them received the Holy Ghost. ONLY GOD!


1972. Harry & Audrene Scism on bus traveling down steep mountain in India. Brakes go out. Bus out of control. Sheer cliffs. Certain death. >

< BUT GOD! A woman in Indiana, thousands of miles away, is seized with burden of prayer for the Scisms in India and prays until it passes. >

< In India, driver crashes bus into mountainside. It catches on a tree stump, holding it from falling over the cliff. All passengers safe. >

< 1976. Four years later, Harry Scism becomes UPCI missions director, serves for 25 years. All due to one faithful saint's prayers. AND GOD!


This man worked 30 years for India government. Now at SCI, he is a regional evangelist. He can preach in 14 languages.


PARK IN YOUR OWN VILLAGE! I would guess that this is a very effective method for dealing with unauthorized parking. :-)


SCI: Not too many Bible School classes can have their photos taken at 600 year old ruins predating the Mughal Empire.


SCI student on left told crippled woman Jesus could heal her. He prayed on the phone & she began to walk. #SimpleFaith

< In last Tweet, man on right is my friend Sunil; first contact with Apostolic truth was CCC's webcast half a world away. #21stCenturyChurch


Adventures in Spelling in India, Take 1: Come in and kwaff a good kwantity of high kwality coffee at a kwarter off :-)

Adventures in Spelling in India, Take 2: Does this taxi driver mean "no smoking" or "no something"? If so, what? :-)


Fine Dining in Delhi. If I understand, you have 2 options at this Chinese food take-out. You can have it hot, or … :-)


Harry Scism teaching ministerial ethics at Scism Christian Institute. The perspective of elders is a wealth of wisdom.

Harry Scism is challenging SCI students to value their Apostolic HERITAGE. Singing with them right now in Hindi. Once a missionary … #elders


Seen today in coffee shop in Agra, India. Still trying to figure it out - not sure if I want to know what it means. :-)


TAJ MAHAL. 1 of world's wonders. 20,000 workers. 22 years to construct. In memory of Shan Jahan's wife. All for love. >

< NEW JERUSALEM. Eternity's great wonder. Work of one savior. 2000 years in preparation. In anticipation of the King's Bride. All for love.


The OTHER side of India: Part of the gardens just outside my door at the Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra, India // #amazing


This photo was taken out of my passenger side window this afternoon while we were driving ... no zoom, no cropping ...


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor herd of stampeding buffalo headed for your car ... wait a minute!


INDIA ROAD TRIP: Where the cool poultry stay when traveling to Agra: "The Chic-Inn." Specialities: Motton & Catterring.


INDIA ROAD TRIP: Privileged to travel today with MK Harry Scism and MK2 Stan Scism - lots of stories, loads of laughs.


INDIA ROAD TRIP: Oxen, Trucks, Cows, Bicycles, Horses, Buses, Camels, Motorbikes, Donkeys, Cars, Buffalo, Rickshaws, Monkeys - & US! #chaos


Poor substitute 4 Tim Hortons, but good slogan 4 India Coffee Shop: "A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee." That'll PREACH! :-)


Q: What is the #1 rule of the road in India, and the primary function of their most essential vehicle accessory? // A:


Enjoyed teaching students at Scism Christian Institute in Delhi ... "We are ALL able ministers of the New Testament!"


So thankful for @POAlex Training Center. If I was a young man with a heart for ministry, I would sign up NOW for 2012!…

"I pray that they'll be big enough to be small enough to do a great work for You." ~ Pastor @terryshock, praying over POATC 2011 graduates

"There's no position you'll ever hold, no title you'll ever be given, that is greater than SERVANT." ~ Pastor Anthony Mangun to POATC grads


"@JoyLHaney Jesus & His angels came for Bishop Haney this morning. In God's army a 5-star General has gone home! God never makes a mistake."


@clloydmitchell: Stockton Record on the passing of Bishop Haney:…” // Greatest accomplishment? CLC alumni. ~ Joy Haney


KENNETH HANEY, Soldier of the Cross. Grandparents received Holy Ghost at Azusa Street. Departed battle yesterday. HOME.


Bishop @KFHaney singing "HEAVEN"… // TRIBUTE VIDEO… // Well done, good and faithful servant … ENTER!


"Because a bishop is a supervisor appointed by God, he must have a good reputation." (Titus 1:7, GW) // We miss you, Bishop @KFHaney #legacy


"We are immortal until our work on earth is done." ~ Whitfield // "Your life preaches your funeral." ~ Unknown // Well done, Bishop @KFHaney


In memory of Bishop @KFHaney: "Tears are a tribute to departed friends. For the body is sown in hope and resurrection seed must be watered."


A Canadian pastor friend was trying to figure out how a new convert had come across the Oneness message in his isolated homeland of Nepal. >

< "Where did you find out about the Oneness message?" he asked. With a puzzled look, the shocked new convert said: "It's in the Bible!!" :-)


Beverley's beautiful mom, Carlotta Flowers, headed home to Heaven 2 years ago today. Precious lady, precious memories.

Last words of my mother-in-law, Carlotta Flowers: "Thank you Jesus!" Went home Nov. 9th, 2009, on 20th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall. >

< Some other walls fell 4 her that day: "This house of flesh is but a prison, bars of bone hold my soul, but the doors of clay are gonna … >

< … burst wide open, when the angel sets my spirit free, I'll take my flight like a mighty eagle, when the hills of home start calling me."


@BrianCHouston: I'm still laughing that our Ukrainean pastor thought @israelhoughton was singing "I am afraid of God, He calls me Fred!"


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)


In Newark to catch flight to Dusseldorf, then to Kiev for Leadership Seminar in former Soviet Union. Appreciate prayers for God's anointing!


Breakfast with young people from Kristiansand, Norway - pay their own way to help at conferences throughout Eastern Europe - kingdom minded!


Pictures That Preach: Ancient tree in Kiev, cut down but new tree started growing - thinking about Romans 11:17-22 :-)

Pictures That Preach: Communistic & Ukrainian architecture, directly across street from each other


Acts 6 moment today in Kiev - Pastor Sergey Tomev appointing his Assistant Pastor, a new deacon, and their wives. TEAM!


Today in Kiev: 2 men baptized in swimming pool & precious little girl who received the Holy Ghost.


Enjoying sightseeing with Turners & Pastor Sergei - Hot Chocolate, Kiev style, you have to "drink it" with a spoon :-)


Missionaries & Pastors attending 2011 Leadership Conference in Kiev, Ukraine - God is at work in former Soviet Union!


William & Elizabeth Turner have nearly 35 years in missions, now Area Coordinators for region crossing 11 time zones!


Randy & Sherry Briggs, pastors of Antiokia church in Kristiansand, Norway each ministered powerfully this week in Kiev


McDonalds in Kiev with missionaries Shutes (Latvia), Millers (Lithuania), Nicholls (Poland) - great food, great friends


Only one thing missing as I begin my day here in Kiev … great medicine for jet lag & other ailments … Tim Hortons! :-)


Missionaries William & Elizabeth Turner with Pastor Sergei beside property ready 4 new church in city of Kiev, Ukraine.


JESUS .. said, sung, prayed or worshipped in any language has beauty & power. I don't speak Russian; I do speak PRAISE!


Why my wife loves when I go away :-) Actually, the staff nearly scared her to death with this fake bulletin cover today


Greece, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine & Canada :-) in church tonight


Just watched CCC's midweek Bible Study with @jackleaman. Nice to be connected with home. 2:30 AM in Kiev. Jet-lagged, but Spirit-lifted. :-)


Treated like a King's Kid in Frankfurt - driven from plane in limo, everyone else took bus - thanks to free Lufthansa First Class upgrade! >

< Wait, I AM a King's Kid! Totally undeserving of God's "free salvation upgrade" w/ eternal benefits - JESUS paid it all, all to Him I owe!!


@AHodges3: They are everywhere!” // Just arrived back in Canada from overseas and I'm counting on it! :-) #TimHortons


Happy Birthday @terryshock! It's rare 2 see such a submitted Follower & anointed Leader in one person. Thanks 4 your voice 2 our generation!


Happy 90th Birthday to WWII vet Bill Dean, father of @JerryLDean, inspiration behind song FOR A DREAM & W.H. Dean Bible School in Nicaragua.


@AIM2go: @raymondwoodward No word from you on Twitter yesterday. We are having withdrawal symptoms.” // Figuring out iCloud - back soon ;-)


Just finished Foreign Missions Board meeting … on to Executive Board, General Board, Canadian Board, and General Conference! #NotBored :-)


Insane fun, incredible fellowship, & intense prayer - MK Ministries Pizza Bash at #UPCGC11 - Mark, Cylinda, Carla - what a team! @UPWITHMKS


BENNIE DEMERCHANT, one of our Soldiers of the Cross, receiving the Order of the Faith. Missionary to Brazil since 1965.

@robbieclinch The Order of the Faith is an award honoring outstanding achievement and exemplary service to the UPCI:


@UPWITHMKS: You can't upload love, can't download time, and can't Google all of life's answers. You must actually LIVE some of your life!”


UPCI General Conference hotel evacuated due to small fire two hours before afternoon service = Apostolic women in hot curlers everywhere :-)


Every preacher & teacher needs to hear and apply message from @terryshock at General Conference Sunday School service - "A Teacher From God"


BIBLE VERSIONS: I'm smart enough 2 know when a verse is missing! I'm smart enough 2 know that THEE means YOU, and THOU does too! @terryshock


Flying to Fredericton after General Conference via Montreal airport, so of COURSE we have missing luggage! At least the chaos is consistent.


"God's School of Hard Knocks" is a 5-part small group video series on the life of David, based on the book "Soulprint" by Mark Batterson. >

< We did this series with our church family in August, meeting in homes for fellowship and discussion. Lessons are 18 to 32 minutes each. >

< Videos are here:… // If you would like to have session transcripts and handouts, direct message me your email address.


Raymond: YFC to YYZ to DFW to AEX / Luggage: YFC to YYZ to USA to LKW (Lord Knows Where) / Final Destination: ESS (Emergency Sears Shopping)


@dmmagee: The luggage saga continues as @raymondwoodward is on yet ANOTHER call tracking his stuff!” // Patience … :-)


GOOD NEWS: American Airlines found my luggage in Alexandria yesterday. BAD NEWS: Lost it again today sending it to Shreveport. Into 3rd day.

GOOD NEWS: After 3 days American Airlines delivered bag, losing it only 2 times in the process. SCARY NEWS: Flying American again Thursday.


Heard Pastor Anthony Mangun teach interns today. If I was a single young man with a heart for ministry I'd be at POATC.…


U can't be in Alexandria, LA w/o encountering the impact of Bishop G.A. Mangun. His mark on this city is unmistakable.


Being with Anthony Mangun, @mickeymangun, @terryshock & @melanishock = graduate-level course in pastoral leadership. Grateful 4 opportunity!


@reubenPeterPaul @jackleaman Tim Hortons: when an extra-large double-double just won't do :-) that's what I need today


@JimPoitrasGATS: The first AIMer sent out 30 years ago was a young lady named Linda Revell. Guess where she is today? @AIM2go.” // Amazing!


@JerryLDean On the Canadian side of Mount Rushmore they are praying for the folks who elected Obama! :-) Just saying.


2012 planning with @jackleaman at Kingston Peninsula camp - wood stove, coffee, 3G service if U hold phone just right!


@TFTenney Re: your revving 2011 motor in a rattling 1933 body, we're grateful the headlamps are still lighting the way for the rest of us!


Two months of Tweeting & Tweaching on Twitter for me - doing my part in 1650 Tweets/sec, 138,888/min, 180 million/day, 1 billion/week. Whew!


@TFTenney: @CatalystLeader: Why the Missional Church Will Fail” // Amen, Bishop! That is a "mission critical" matter!


Coming from PPH, kids book "Pilot Bennie & the Flying Pigs" - true story in "Full Throttle" by Missionary Bennie DeMerchant // Love it! :-)


@mickeymangun Welcome back to Canada! Our Easternmost province is blessed to have you minister. Rocky shores, but tender-hearted people! :-)

@mickeymangun: In Newfoundland, driving w/ Tim Horton's in hand, looking 4 moose." U R halfway 2 Canadian citizenship!


1/3 Offered with apologies to St. Louis, Judy Garland, the 1904 World's Fair, and all the older folks who actually remember this song:

2/3 Meeting in St. Louis, two-ish, W.E.C. is there. Don't tell me my flight is tardy, Between here and there.

3/3 We will sit on a committee, And get down to nitty gritty, If you will meet me in St. Louis, two-ish, W.E.C. is there.


Preaching the funeral service of a precious saint of God named Rhoda Carson this afternoon, and have the honor of using her well-worn Bible.

She loved the Bible, she loved to pray, and she loved missionaries. Found @JimPoitrasGATS and @ColleenLCarter bookmarks in her Bible's pages


Headed 2 Indianapolis 4 Mid-America Renewal Conference. D Bernard. J Jones. P Mooney. A Mangun. W Huntley. Sure to be "MARC'ed" by the WORD!


20-hour travel day to Indianapolis yesterday. Quicker 2 Europe! One word: Philadelphia. City of brotherly love. Airport of not-so-much love.


MARC @jerryjjones just preached a Masterpiece 9/11-themed message "At the Corner of Church and Liberty" - profound word for a critical time!


So grateful to Anthony Mangun for "praying the price" in his ministry - God used him to issue a powerful call to prayer and fasting at MARC.


"God doesn't want to IMPROVE me, He wants to REMOVE me so HE can work. Jesus, be Jesus in me!" Robert Stroup, Indiana Superintendent @ MARC


Ac 7:48 "The most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands" - God refuses 2 be confined 2 our religious constructs ~ @pauldmooney @ MARC


Watershed Word - Wayne Huntley @ MARC - "The Power of Noise" / The devil loves a quiet church! Superbowl shouldn't be louder than Pentecost!


It's not "The Intentions, Ambitions or Aspirations of the Apostles" - it's "The ACTS of the Apostles!" ~ Wayne Huntley, "The Power of Noise"


"We have a SIT-uation in Pentecost today - people sitting on the premises instead of standing on the promises!" ~ Wayne Huntley @ MARC 2011


"God instructed Israel to clap their hands because it mimicked the sounds of chains breaking." ~ Wayne Huntley // No more shackles! Freedom!


WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Why would U want a God who never does anything unexpected, but just fits in your little program? @davidkbernard MARC

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Why would U copy church models emerging from tradition to seek more, when you already have more? @davidkbernard MARC


Privileged to tour Calvary Tabernacle, Indiana Bible College, Calvary Christian School with Bishop @pauldmooney #vision #investment #future


Helpful Airport Giftshop Sign #1 - "0.3 % of all road accidents in Canada involve a moose. Aren't you glad you're flying?"

Helpful Airport Giftshop Sign #2 - "CN Tower more than 3X taller than Statue of Liberty. Neither one fits in suitcase - get souvenirs here."

Helpful Airport Giftshop Sign #3 - "Fact: The average person can live eleven days without water, but we don't recommend it. Hydrate here."


@jimmytoney John Ortberg: "Everybody's normal till U get to know them." // Craig Groeschel: "Christians are WEIRD b/c normal isn't working!"


@melanishock: I was in church today with people who make an average of $1/day. Today's missions offering was almost $10,000. I am undone.”


Happy Birthday 2 @mickeymangun from your Canadian friends! Would have sent U a card but it's hard 2 top @BunchandBreeze


Written on IT department whiteboard at WEC (think Christmas carol tune): "It's beginning to feel a lot like Conference, everywhere you go …"


@CCC_Fredericton 5-part Small Group Series ended tonight, "God's School of Hard Knocks." Videos on series Facebook page:…


@mackenziejustin: Notes from Jesus' Leadership Summit available 4 download: Sermon O/T Mount (Ma 5-7)” / Heard it was a good conference :-)


Thanks to a throw-away line in a podcast, I think I'm preaching Sunday on the subject "Tell Orpah to Go Back Home!" Still feeling it out ...

@jimmytoney: @raymondwoodward thanks 2 a throw away tweet, I'm thinking about preaching Sunday "Tell OPRAH to shut up" :-)” // Ha! Love it!


Speaking to missionaries today on Rom. 14:19-20 "For meat destroy not the work of God." (MEAT = "personal preference") / Powerful principle!


It was an honor to minister with Rev. Robert Bayer, the Walking Bible, today at SoCal Camp Meeting. I remember him teaching in NB years ago.


Awesome message on fasting by A. Mangun at SoCal Camp: "The next wave of revival will come through young people who know how 2 pray & fast."

God gave Adam and Eve a garden full of good things to eat, and only asked them to fast the fruit of one tree! (Anthony Mangun @ SoCal Camp)

I love it when a preacher can put me on my feet (worship), but I love it even more when he can put me on my face (prayer). A. Mangun @ SoCal

If Muslim children can fast sun-up 2 sun-down during Ramadan, why would Apostolic parents "protect" their children from fasting? (A. Mangun)


Fri PM @ SoCal Camp. 5 received HG in altar workers seminar, 4 during first song, many during service incl this deaf man


Saw Gift of Faith transmitted in SONG tonight by @mickeymangun Soundtrack quit; she didn't. "There's a Promise Coming Down That Dusty Road!"


Pastor Anthony Mangun used powerfully in Gift of Faith tonight @ SoCal Camp. Waves of worship during message brought miracles & HG downpour.


@AHodges3: Amazing conclusion to #SoCalCM ~ signs, wonders, miracles ~ 2,000+ empowered pastors & saints!” // #GreatGod


BAD NEWS: Denver delays. Plane too heavy. Passengers to Montreal for overnight, bags to Toronto. GOOD NEWS: Tim Hortons

BEST NEWS: Tomb = empty. Jesus = alive. Me = alive in Him. Devil = defeated. Church = victorious. Today = day He made. Goal = rejoice in it!


@danmacleod: @raymondwoodward They that wait in line shall renew their strength, they shall drink & B satisfied” // In the Book! "He-Brews"


Airport Bookstore. Hmmm ... :-). So what am I supposed to do if I see this guy?!


@Curtisrscott: I'm either tired or homesick: a guy on my bus looks like @raymondwoodward except he's Asian & doesn't have a Tim's in hand.”


@RyanAustinDean: Walked into wall while retweeting @raymondwoodward. I've made the decision to sue Canada” // That's so American of you :-)


"@NathanHayes23 Preached tonight and used @raymondwoodward tweet as a reference." // You just made this old guy glad that I joined Twitter!


@danmacleod: Earthquake hit Washington, DC. Aftershocks hit ... Fredericton, NB” // Glad 2 B safe near the San Andreas Fault this week! :-)


JET LAG: "Desynchronosis" or "Circadian Dischronism" / Causes traveler's internal clock 2 B out of sync with external environment / REAL :-)


@woodwardson "God considers what happened in the Book of Acts Church to be MODERATE compared to what He wants to do in our day!" (Joel 2:23)


Today is my parents' 50th anniversary. Congratulations to Raymond F. & Vera Woodward! PENTECOSTAL HERITAGE = PRICELESS

50th Anniversary Party 4 My Parents, Raymond F. & Vera Woodward Congrats from Austria! (thanks 2 @ryanhennessey 4 pix)

@ERHennessey: @raymondwoodward Even when you're not here, there you are :-)” // My Creative Kids! #Photoshop #ProudDad


Headed to Apostolic Renewal Conference in Vienna - D. Bernard, B. Howell, M. Tuttle, European missionaries & leaders - sure to be powerful!


"@Chad_Harper Need any bag carriers? I can be available immediately." Had trips where I needed bag FINDERS, but thankfully not today! :-) RW


Good News: Raymond effectively protected Austrian Airlines economy cabin upholstery from a full glass of his seat-mate's beverage of choice.

Bad News: Raymond's pants & shoes have a faint but distinct orange juice smell. // Yet another reason why Raymond doesn't fly in a suit. :-)

Best News: Raymond arrived in Vienna with a full day to conquer jet lag before ARC meeting starts. // Proof that Raymond is getting smarter.


My view from the Imperial Riding School Hotel in Vienna. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven & Schubert all called this city home.


Cafe Central. Once the hangout of Trotsky, Freud, etc. But my dinner companions eclipse them by far - our missionaries!


"@melanishock Here is a visual for you ... I pray it every flight!" I love it! That's my turbulence prayer right there!


@davidtiptonjr Pint-sized preacher, 4, is a sermon sensation Today Show interview // Pentecostal Heritage = Priceless.


Things That Perturb Perfectionists: There is only ONE gate at our tiny Fredericton airport and it's gate THREE. Why ?!?


Linda Gleason poetic & profound remembering her mom today, Sis. Annie Post; Rev. Allison Post was my favorite Bible School teacher #impacted

@danmacleod If I did "catch" teaching, my dad Raymond F. Woodward, Rev. Allison Post, & my great uncle Leonard Parent were the catalyst! :-)


Rejoicing with @mackenziejustin tonight! 16-year-old niece received the Holy Ghost, her mom (his sister) 1 month ago, Mormons for 2 decades!

Justin's mom received the Holy Ghost last year - his brother was an atheist, now a preacher - family torn apart when he was a kid - BUT GOD!

Justin prayed 4 his family 18 YEARS - used to "Jericho" BY FAITH that this day would come! Tonight he's doing a TWITTER JERICHO! Go Justin!!

Yep, he's a BIT excited :-) but he can say it better than me … "@mackenziejustin Holy Ghost showdown and the devil is outta bullets baby!"


RT @UPWITHMKS: 575 MKs around the world need your prayers today. MKs are not just kids. Once an MK always an MK. They ALL need your prayers!


Okay, if the COFFEE has only minutes to live, what does that say about the COFFEE DRINKER? Tim Hortons - Worth The Risk


@PastorRoberts41 Twitter shows me just how far behind I am … TWEACHING - love it! … even though I'm still trying to figure out TREACHING :-)


Lu 1:41 #NAYC11 Mary = your generation, Elizabeth = my generation. YOUTH, your presence makes my baby leap! I'm older but I'm expecting too!


NORTH AMERICAN YOUTH CONGRESS ( #NAYC11 ) … SERMONS (for sale online): SONGS (playlist in iTunes):


MISPLACED LAMENTATIONS @jrstaten #NAYC11 "If you are going to lament something, lament that you are running out of time!" // What a thought!


"More than I want a Twitter following, I want SIGNS following!" ~ @ShayMann 'Apostolic Apps' message #NAYC11


@jimmytoney Thanks 4 kind words (so unworthy of that!) & thank you 4 this -… A creative conclusion to a POWERFUL message!


"WHERE'S MY WOOOOO APP?” @JerryLDean is the coolest Geezer/Boomer I know. :-) Thankful for your voice TO our youth and FOR our missionaries!


Headed to Manila for Leadership Development International - 3 days, 164 leaders - thankful for Air Canada Elite status!


Looking forward to teaching from T/M Shock & A/M Mangun this week - & looks like Air Canada gave me a ROOM to myself :-)


Manila Crusade tonight. 3000+ in attendance. Anthony Mangun had the mantle of an Evangelist on him powerfully. 110+ filled with Holy Ghost! - Powerful praise from tonight's Crusade in Manila. I love Filipino worshippers! THIS is the way to sing FREEDOM! - The moment we experienced the first wave of Holy Ghost outpouring in Manila tonight. More than 110 were filled!


Profound teaching at LDI by Terry & Melani Shock on "The Tree" - UNSEEN roots of Prayer & the Word give all the strength to VISIBLE ministry

For every foot a tree grows above ground, it grows three feet below ground. "He shall be as a tree that spreadeth out her roots." (Jer 17:8)

Eph 5:31 - "for this cause" - marriage is NOT about YOU; it exists because Jesus wants a physical example of His relationship with His Bride

"You can't fix flawed marriages w/ flawed methods; if root (spiritual life) is damaged, trunk (relationships) will be diseased" - T/M Shock

Core role of husband = servant leader, response of wife = submission / core role of wife = helper/keeper, response of husband = praise/honor

"We give the devil a VACATION because we are destroying our marriages all by ourselves!" - Terry & Melanie Shock, teaching "The Tree" @ LDI


You can glean from many "idea voices" in your leadership, but all the "directional voices" in your life must be Apostolic voices. ~ T. Shock


Some people apologize constantly, but never actually change their behavior. Words may show INTENTION; only actions prove CHANGE. - T/M Shock


COUNSELING is like checkers. Pastors, make your move, then WAIT for them to make a move (do what you said) before you move again. - T. Shock


LEARNING comes from education; KNOWING comes from revelation / Your attitude is the manifestation of who you think you are / A. Mangun @ LDI


Every member should be a minister, but the reason some churches can't release ministries is the pastor is a Control Freak. - A. Mangun @ LDI


@_Samuel_Ross_ Pastor Tim Lee is both streaming & archiving the LDI sessions on the Tabernacle of Joy website - - enjoy!


@Chris_Hunter LDI = Leadership Development International, held this week in Manila, Philippines for senior leadership of the national church


@melanishock POA VBS kids about Filipinos: "We wrote letters to the Jalapeños." "No, it was the Philistines." Gave us mileage this week :-)


@mackenziejustin I'm not at #NAYC11 - still in Manila, Philippines - but I have Tim Hortons agents everywhere, just ask @HappyHattabaugh :-)


@mickeymangun @terryshock @melanishock Beans&Cornbread = Mickey "sing-a-song-speak-poetically-&-profoundly-&-the-power-of-God-falls" Mangun


@JoelHikerHines I love technology that lets you be with Louisianans in the Philippines and in Louisiana at the same time. :-) Go Louisiana!!


@timgaddy: Drink on a 110 degree day. Perfect.” That's what I'm talking about! Go Gaddy! My blood type is Tim Hortons.


@HappyHattabaugh: @raymondwoodward I think you've sabotaged #NAYC11” I love these kids, they know God & good coffee :-)


Manila Airport … homeward bound … awesome week at LDI … thankful for POA, missionaries & Filipino church … looking forward to Sunday at CCC!


It just dawned on me this morning why the Canadian economy is so strong. Always my first stop in Toronto airport.


@RevKenGurley Just call me the Canadian Coffee Catalyst :-) I think that's what CCC stands for in our church name.


@LukeLevine US got Starbucks & Florida, Canada got Tim Hortons & 1000's of miles of beach frontage on the Arctic Ocean - so we're even, Bro!


@TheChessors My first Tweet was just a week ago - I'm still getting the hang of it - but overwhelmed by all the kind words #AllOnTheSameTeam


Married our son Matt to his beautiful bride Trish today - Beverley and I are now officially "Empty Nesters"


Congrats, Matt & Trish!


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